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I was born in Japan and attended the Collin School where I studied till primary, when my family shifted their base from Japan to India in 1997. I skipped class 1 due to differences in the education system of both the countries. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to learn the basics of mathematics in class 1 then and it became very difficult for me to cope up with the subject. When I was in year 8th, one of my teachers suggested I take tutorial in mathematics. It was then I realised that mathematics is not as difficult as I had thought it was; I also realised understanding the basics and then practicing the exercises was very important in mathematics.

While in secondary school, I chose to study commerce, accountancy and economics. Initially I was apprehensive about studying accountancy as I thought that it will be like mathematics. Even during the mid-term examination I did not score very well in accountancy because I felt I can never like this subject and working towards it would be useless. However when my teacher spoke to me about my accountancy grade and I told him that I am very scared of this subject as all my friends say that accountancy is like mathematics.

Surprisingly, he told me that accountancy is a totally different area from mathematics .He said,hi Alice , I am sure if you concentrate on learning the basics of debit-credit, journal entries and practice the exercises you will do well.I was convinced by his words and decided to follow his advice. I began practicing the exercises in accountancy everyday. My interest in learning more about the balance sheet, trading accounts increased. I begun liking the subject and started looking for opportunities where I could apply my theoretical skills to the real accounting system. Curiosity and interest led me to try preparing my unclear business accounts and during that experience I told myself wow, this is the first time I am not getting bored in my unclear office.

My goal is to become a professional accountant and I am determined to study Bachelor of Business Accounting (professional accounting) at your university which I am confident will broaden my knowledge further in accounting. Case studies, workshops given in the university will further enhance my accounting knowledge by providing complex situations wherein i need to analyse the situation according to the accounting principle and then find a solution.

Because of my determination of gaining valuable knowledge in the field of accounting and business; I am keen to join your esteemed university. If given the opportunity I am confident of providing your university with excellent academic as well as non-academic results.



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