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ICT Personal Statement

ICT is promoting greatly during the last two decades, and consequently I've got a keen curiosity about these changes and even take part in them. From an earlier age, I will always be deeply thinking about using computer systems, what are most influential tool during my live. It had been my dad who first got me into computer systems during my country of birth ??Afghanistan??. I analyzed ICT GNVQ intermediate and i'm presently studying for that AVCE in ICT, that has brought me attempting to study Information Technology to some much greater depth which continues to be the apparent subject in my college course.

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I made the decision to consider I.T since it is an essential feature in our everyday lives. This isn't the only real reason I've selected to consider this path, I've many interests inside it particularly the website design area. In my experience it by means of communication is essential. I particularly think it is interesting when technologies are utilized in the entertainment and advertising area

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Being an AVCE student I understand that my lengthy-term ambition would be to work inside the fields of knowledge Technology and be a professional Computer Specialist. With my future goals in your mind, my sixth form education continues to be based on VCE??s in Advanced It and Business Studies, 'cisco' Networking and General Studies. Studying of these VCE??s means I must be a competent and difficult worker, showing that I can prioritise and manage time effectively to obtain everything done promptly. I like and are proud of my work particularly I.T and discover learning and using the logical techniques trained very stimulating

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My primary aspiration would be to work inside the sphere of the business financial aspects also it context. I'm drawn to this industry due to its interesting area where I wish to develop my own understanding

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I made the decision to accept I.T route during my future plans since i have numerous interests in I.T and particularly the Multimedia area. In my experience it by means of communication is essential. I particularly find interest when technologies are by means of entertainment and advertising

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