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生物医药学 Biomedicine

Biomedical Sciences 生物医药之七

I will always be thinking about Biology and Chemistry. I've found them stimulating and challenging subjects, and through the years of studying both of them, my curiosity about them has elevated. For this reason studying biomedical sciences at college is a perfect option for me

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Biochemistry, Physiology and Forensic Science之六

For any very long time, I've been fascinated through the science of drugs and also the amazing chemistry and biology of the body. This can be a love that's been enhanced by extensive reading through of an array of texts from journals like the Lancet, BMJ, sBMJ and Scientific American and New Researcher, to medical reference books and books around the good reputation for medicine. This passion for medical science is really a primary aspect that pulls me for this course, combined using the challenge of the route and also the desire to have a satisfying and useful career.

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Biochemistry, Physiology and Forensic Science之五

My curiosity about science increased after i began senior high school. It provided the chance to complete well on my small favourite subjects. This chance brought me to achieve the interest around the physical human health particularly the known ailments that people might have at the moment and can have later on. I request myself questions like: So why do we obtain ill? So why do our modified physiques neglect to safeguard itself? So how exactly does it happen? How will it be treated? Exactly how should we avoid repeated episodes? I've an enormous curiosity within the excellent design along with the flaws of the body. My goal would be to gain competence in research, diagnosis especially treating human illnesses not to mention, practice it. I understand that going after greater education and going through this program will further widen my understanding and assist me to achieve my goal.

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生物医药学 Biomedicine Personal Statement之四

My grandfather was once an instructor in Biology and that i really loved reading through and searching through his books after i would be a child. He's the one who first introduced me to everything about natural sciences and inspired me to help explore that area of study. Since that time I've been fascinated through the human body: the way it functions and exactly what a complex and well-organized system it's. What draws in me most, however, would be the human existence processes and just how they may be blocked by disease. Because of this , why I select to review Biomedical Science at degree level.

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Biomedical Sciences 生物医药之三

The body has always intrigued me, its diverse systems supplying complex antibodies that recognize foreign microorganisms for example infections and bacteria. It??s these microorganisms which are working everyday and each evening to keep and sustain the life-style we frequently ignore. Its adaptation for this harsh world is very remarkable. Using the correct medical influence your body may eventually be impenetrable to disease. This belief alone inspires me to defend myself against the task of drugs. Your body still holds many secrets not yet been discovered, this inspires me to discover the anatomy and physiology in greater detail. In addition, however the empathy and care useful in helping patients makes me make an effort to complete my journey to medicine. Staring at the body??s systems making up helped me realize the fragility of the body and also the huge responsibility a physician or researcher has. One skipped judgment might be fatal. During my AS year I loved Organic chemistry in module 3 probably the most because it was probably the most puzzling I needed to patch together the solutions from complex isomeric compounds to obtain the correct solutions. Biology relates more about the physiological and physiological side of Biomedicine. I rather loved the blood circulation system researching the mammalian heart and it is many fantastic uses. Chemistry and Biology have given us a large understanding of the workings of the body.

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