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考古学 Archaeology


One experience I will never forget is that of my three weeks in Australia as a selected member of GirlguidingUK at the ‘Friendship Train’ jamboree. In general, I was surprised by how removed from the UK the cities felt without having any palpable differences. The most interesting discovery I made was that of the aboriginal people, their spirituality and culture and their hatred of white people. Reading their myths, I was struck by how many cultures create folk law to explain the unknown. I think that looking by looking at common elements of human society is significant as a study in anthropology into understanding ourselves. I have been given the chance in my history course to write an essay on a topic that interests me and chose to research the Americas and their discovery. Especially, I have been enthralled by evidence for the spread of peoples spreading south through America and the similarities of the culture and their tools as mentioned in Felipe Fernandez-Amnestro’s ‘America’. Looking further into this I read Michael Carter’s ‘Archaeology’ describing finds in Mesoamerica.



考古学Personal Statement之五

I have always been interested in studying the past. As a child I loved visiting hill forts and ancient monuments. This interest was further developed when I travelled to Australia and New Zealand and was able to study the ancient cultures of the Aboriginal and Maori peoples. I have fascinated by how their art and spiritual beliefs still influence many aspects of modern life in areas such as architecture and creative arts. I have also been working as a volunteer on a local dig and this has further confirmed my interest in archaeology. I feel that this course would give me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and understanding of ancient civilisations and their influences on the way the world has developed

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考古学Personal Statement之三

I have always had a keen interest in exploring the past. When I was ten years old, I first visited an archaeological dig in Scotland and I have been fascinated by archaeology ever since. I have kept up my interest by visiting museums and historical sites. This summer I visited the Bayeux Tapestry, the Mary Rose exhibition in Portsmouth and the Megaliths at Carnac. I like to read books on archaeology and regularly watch television programmes on the subject. I collect fossils and minerals, and try to collect my own specimens from the field whenever possible. My collection is catalogued, and growing at the time

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考古学Personal Statement之四

How come a 2000 years old, lengthy gone civilization, have this type of ongoing and profound effect on society? It??s difficult to put my passion for the Romans along with other ancient cultures into words. Having the ability to study the archaeology of gortyn using the depth and rigour that college requires will require me with an intellectual journey that could raise more questions than solutions but is a supply of long term discovery, not just about the Romans but, possibly, about society too.

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人类考古学personal statement之三

For as long as I can remember, I have been skilled and deeply interested in areas of both the sciences and humanities, particularly in human evolution, history and geography. A course in Anthropology and/or Archaeology is therefore perfect for me in that the subject matter fascinates me, and that the course will utilise many of the skills I have learned and developed throughout my education. I am confident that my determination and drive for success will stand me in good stead for a successful university education, hopefully leading to a career in Anthropological or Archaeological research.

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