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Fashion Marketing & Management Personal Statement

Fashion is creative, seductive, always changing and a form of art, to others it is a religion. To me I use fashion to express myself and also to show my personality but also look glamorous. I mostly like the 1920s style because ita€?s the time when women were more liberated to wear what they wanted, the freedom was expressed through simple but yet elegant designs that were beautifully co-ordinated that were accessorised with jewellery and represented the style and elegance of that time.

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Fashion Management 1

Fashion provides me with the boldness to reside my existence to the full potential. The reason being fashion helps describe you like a person, everybody has their very own interpretation of favor, and achieving a way buyer wouldn't simply be an aspiration job, it might be an exciting journey. I would like to travel the planet and examine amazing collections, or simply to satisfy others as enthusiastic about the like me. My personal favorite designers presently are Kim Johnson, topman design and Paul Cruz, who I admire deeply and all sorts of make spectacular men's clothing collections, I admire them since they're youthful fresh and therefore are the way forward for males??s fashion.

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