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One experience I will never forget is that of my three weeks in Australia as a selected member of GirlguidingUK at the ‘Friendship Train’ jamboree. In general, I was surprised by how removed from the UK the cities felt without having any palpable differences. The most interesting discovery I made was that of the aboriginal people, their spirituality and culture and their hatred of white people. Reading their myths, I was struck by how many cultures create folk law to explain the unknown. I think that looking by looking at common elements of human society is significant as a study in anthropology into understanding ourselves. I have been given the chance in my history course to write an essay on a topic that interests me and chose to research the Americas and their discovery. Especially, I have been enthralled by evidence for the spread of peoples spreading south through America and the similarities of the culture and their tools as mentioned in Felipe Fernandez-Amnestro’s ‘America’. Looking further into this I read Michael Carter’s ‘Archaeology’ describing finds in Mesoamerica.

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For as long as I can remember, I have been skilled and deeply interested in areas of both the sciences and humanities, particularly in human evolution, history and geography. A course in Anthropology and/or Archaeology is therefore perfect for me in that the subject matter fascinates me, and that the course will utilise many of the skills I have learned and developed throughout my education. I am confident that my determination and drive for success will stand me in good stead for a successful university education, hopefully leading to a career in Anthropological or Archaeological research.

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My interest in Social Anthropology and/or Development Studies has increased during my post-sixteen education due, in part, to my reading of texts such as Andrew Websters The Sociology of Development and subscribing to the DFIDs Developments Magazine. These texts have raised my awareness of the complexities of developmental issues and the fact that they should be considered from a less generalised, Eurocentric view, as there is more to people than just being poor. I believe that in a shrinking world where communities are inextricably linked by globalisation, a course in Social Anthropology and/or Development Studies is key to understanding the people that make up the world and identifying ways to overcome the issues that concern them in a practical way. As, ultimately, I want to have a career in development, I feel that the inter-disciplinary aspect of Social Anthropology and Development Studies will be beneficial to my understanding of the wider context of both subjects.

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A book called “Social and Cultural Anthropology: A Very Short Introduction” by Peter Just and John Monaghan inclined me to study social anthropology as I believe it is necessary to study another way of life in order to extend our own. I am inquisitive and interested in human existence. I feel sociology would be a good preparation for a variety of careers and it will help me keep my options open. Having researched the modules that will be covered in the subject, I find the subject even more compelling. I am keen to learn about other cultures as I feel it will enhance my self and help me to abandon narrow vision. A degree will contribute to fulfilling my academic potential. It will also allow me to deepen my understanding of the aspects which constantly affect our lives, from the seemingly trivial to those of utmost importance, the fascination of these subjects lie in the fact that it has made me see in a new light. Considering my background and my interests, I am choosing a degree in anthropology and sociology.

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For me the appeal of anthropology is that it draws on a wide range of disciplines, and that it combines theory with empirical study. Anthropology is a useful discipline in the world, where, for example, its use in developing countries is needed to give appropriate consideration as to how to successfully aid development without harming or diluting the country’s indigenous cultures. In my A level courses I have enjoyed the juxtaposition of scientific enquiry with the imaginative scope allowed me by my other subjects. The precision of chemistry, the polemic nature of history and the perceptiveness and observational powers fostered by my classics studies have created a dynamic I’ve enjoyed.

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