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地理学 Geography

Geography 5

I will always be fascinated by Geography, like a science so that as a skill. When I used to be told, a geographer is really a ??jack of trades?? Chemistry, Physics, History, Sociology and much more, although its agreement using the colloquialism doesn't, for me, follow-through to some conclusion as ??master of none??. The subjects I study encourage me to analyze elsewhere: within the NewScientist magazine, newspapers like the Protector, and worldwide internet blogs, in addition to adding to some school magazine according to environment issues, for which i've centered on rising ocean levels, and also the effects on island and estuary towns for example Tuvalu within the Gulf Of Mexico, along with the contentious problem from the questionable role of organisations for example Greenpeace in environment reform. It's fascinating to determine the saying ??no guy??s a tropical?? demonstrated positive such nations because the Maldives, which despite not what causes increasing ocean levels, continue to be enjoying their destruction.

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Geography 3

I'm selecting geography for just one primary reason which reason has numerous subdividing links. I wish to still study geography at greater education since i think it is interesting. I like this subject due to its content and also the means by so it overlaps because of so many other subjects. This therefore makes geography a really helpful subject and something I'm very keen to carry on to know and develop. Because geography overlaps with lots of other subjects which the course includes many techniques and abilities I've found it a really helpful tool later on place of work. I like discovering how and more importantly why. If the includes exactly why is such business parks situated on suburban fringes to how come the worldwide distribution of earthquakes effect human triggers for the reason that particular area. In my opinion geography will build up my analytical abilities that is important because I wish to become an intelligence officer within the military. I additionally like travelling and my understanding and methods have assisted me explain a lot of things like causes of terraced farming in regions of Maltaand infrastructure in Florida. I teacher once stated in my experience in school

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Geography 1

I'm thinking about going after a Geography course at College. Studying Geography will give you me having a better knowledge of topical problems that modify the world around us, as well as improve my presentational abilities and independent learning abilities. I'm presently studying A-Levels Geography and Drama, that has gave me an enthusiastic curiosity about current matters well, i am thinking about areas for example development and environment issues

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