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Geography 5

I will always be fascinated by Geography, like a science so that as a skill. When I used to be told, a geographer is really a ??jack of trades?? Chemistry, Physics, History, Sociology and much more, although its agreement using the colloquialism doesn't, for me, follow-through to some conclusion as ??master of none??. The subjects I study encourage me to analyze elsewhere: within the NewScientist magazine, newspapers like the Protector, and worldwide internet blogs, in addition to adding to some school magazine according to environment issues, for which i've centered on rising ocean levels, and also the effects on island and estuary towns for example Tuvalu within the Gulf Of Mexico, along with the contentious problem from the questionable role of organisations for example Greenpeace in environment reform. It's fascinating to determine the saying ??no guy??s a tropical?? demonstrated positive such nations because the Maldives, which despite not what causes increasing ocean levels, continue to be enjoying their destruction.

I especially loved the area studies I've prepared included in my An amount and GCSE courses. I've analyzed both physical and human aspects, and this past year looked into the synthesis of things that lead to integrated seaside management, particularly within the Isle of Wight. I carried out my very own surveys, varying from questionnaires to bi-polar analysis and examined the effectiveness of associations with record techniques for example chi squared. I anticipate developing my investigative abilities further. Inside the context of theory, I like both Human and Physical sides from the course, specially the results of tourism and industry on fragile environments, for example sand dunes, and also the causes and formation from the weather I've found the interlocking, cyclical character of these phenomena as El Nino as well as their impacts on the world intriguing.

Using the spectrum of subjects I'm studying I'm able to always draw upon abilities learnt using their company A-levels. Background and British essays lend clearness towards the A2 Geography report I'll soon be producing, that I'm assessing the impact of courses around the atmosphere.

London, where I've absorbed the captivating mixture of cultures, benefiting from the cinemas, art galleries and museums, has performed a vital role during my education. The current ??Soul within the City?? project, a pan-London youth and community initiative encompassing over 700 close ties, enabled me to obtain a human perspective on my small physical situation studies of urban poverty, in addition to helping me to construct confidence and team performance abilities.

Last summer time I had been around the leadership team of the holiday camping for kids, which needed dynamism in addition to discipline to become a success. This responsibility, which of my volunteer operate in a creche, where leadership abilities are key, guarantees I understand the real concept of the saying ??keeping calm pressurized??.

I'm accustomed to due dates, most famously on the web, where I edit other authors?? fiction for errors, and am while acquiring experience at HarperCollins marketers. Extra curricular activities, for example Scottish dancing, swimming, for which i've won several medals, and music are answer to my working mindset. With one of these interests, adding to my Duke of Edinburgh award, it's been crucial that I keep myself and my work organised, especially since i have grew to become a prefect.

I anticipate ongoing my studies at College, and advancing my understanding of my preferred subjects.

Colleges Put on:

St Andrews (Offer)

Oxford (Rejection after Interview)

Aberystwyth (Offer)

Durham (Rejection)

Edinburgh (Rejection)




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