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Social Work 2

I'm a people??s person. I'm passionately interesting in hearing people??s problem and finding methods to assist solve them. In everyday existence people undergo difficulties which make existence impossible for them to reside. There's a stating that states something is just just like the one who shipped the service. I wish to be that individual who shipped a great plan to individuals who needs it. Through studding subject like psychology, sociology and abnormal psychology I'm able to satisfy my curiosity about a few of the problem that effect people and just how society influence people action or behavior especially abnormal psychology that compares the way individuals are charactised in society , what possible behavior they have to show to obtain specialist. In society individuals various stages of existence are facing different problems like abuse, disabilities and mental illness living in residential home or using their family sometimes struggles to obtain the right facilities or treatment they deserve like me presently taking pleasure in my access course it acquired my curiosity well, i feel it's an excellent preparation to help my studies in college and be a social worker. Presently I'm a parent along with a support worker for learning disability ,a number of my responsibility are maintaining individual privacy and confidentially ,supporting them to handle their daily existence , organise day to day activities, encouraging these to make quality decision which will assist them to gain in privacy inside their home , supporting these to college which will help them develop new abilities/enhance their abilities , communicate effectively along with other professional if needed. I had been a care assistant for 3 month aiding seniors individuals a residential home in South Wigston, Leicester seemed to be a principal teacher for children 5-6years in West Africa, Sierra Leone, Freetown trained subject like maths British, Art and Craft, Sport, Tempos, and Religious education. Throughout individuals periods a number of my duties were setting targets and goals to attain and finish academic training, arranging school outings, planning note of lesson and make certain that aims and objectives from the lesson are met. Nevertheless the job can be challenging sometime but since i find my job quite interesting and that i love every minute from it, so Yes, it requires commitment and patient on my small part. It had also helped me discovered my personality and skill which in fact had helped me more determine to manage challenging situation in work and towards academic existence/work

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Social Work 1

I've made the decision to consider the course in social work because first of all the topics that we am doing sociology examines people and society??s problems, I've within this subject done focus on family and right now doing religion, it has intrigued me to help individuals who're facing problems for example abuse in families. Next I've done personal study this subject which i've loved reading through around in magazines and journals which in fact had driven my curiosity about attaining a far more depth understanding of dealing with different kind of people as well as their problems. Third I must find a course which fascinates me as well as in that we will determined me too succeed and also the challenge of trying to due dates

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