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Social Work 1

I've made the decision to consider the course in social work because first of all the topics that we am doing sociology examines people and society??s problems, I've within this subject done focus on family and right now doing religion, it has intrigued me to help individuals who're facing problems for example abuse in families. Next I've done personal study this subject which i've loved reading through around in magazines and journals which in fact had driven my curiosity about attaining a far more depth understanding of dealing with different kind of people as well as their problems. Third I must find a course which fascinates me as well as in that we will determined me too succeed and also the challenge of trying to due dates

Although within the sixth form I've been involved with a plan which targeted to supply children entering school having a low reading through age, using the help their needed to enhance their reading through levels. I additionally at during my private time tend to visit old people house who're disabled because certainly one of my close relative can there be also this home is opposite the house and so i use and speak with differing people and talk or play games together. This really is one more reason why I do course since i possess some experience with what I'll be facing within this course, it won??t be shock in my experience in the beginning time round since i know in social work you receive those who are difficult to handle especially youngsters

My part-time job that is shop assistant assisted develop my knowledge of responsibility and it has given me elevated confidence also enabled me to do something initiatively with coping with unpredicted problems and it has assisted to build up my communication abilities . Dealing with the kids in class has enhanced my social abilities to ensure that I'm able to now use children who are able to be awkward sometimes with no problems

Being an individual I love maintaining fitness which i've a gym during my house, I additionally like hearing music and heading out with mates which supplies us a different atmosphere from college and work, this provides me an chance to create new friend and make new friends. I additionally during my part-time help my more youthful brother and sister using their homework or I sometimes study from my mother how you can sew clothes

Being an applicant, I'll bring beside me an enthusiasm and motivation with this subject. My ethics background cultural awareness should let me become and integrated yet individual of the college member within an progressively cosmopolitan society.

Comments around the statement:


The general content of the is nice, since the applicant is explaining what experience they've and why this really is helpful for social work, in addition to what they've acquired in the experience.

However, lots of work must be completed to the dwelling, grammar and way of writing. It doesn't read perfectly because test is utilized in the incorrect place or context throughout. This statement won't demonstrate the amount of British needed for any degree. It ought to be appreciated that this can be a professional statement, so words like ??mates?? shouldn't be used.

This sounds somewhat early draft of what is a effective personal statement, but despite its content, colleges won't look past the mistakes within the writing.


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