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艺术/设计 Art/Design

Art 艺术本科申请Personal Statement

From an earlier age I've always were built with a strong curiosity about art, and also have been engrossed in certain form through my existence. In year nine I realized it had become something which I would prefer to pursue like a career, I began taking it more seriously. The Chase??s art department urged me perfectly and assisted me develop my art abilities

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Computing and Art 1

From an earlier age I've always were built with a strong curiosity about computing and art. My curiosity about art began after i received a drafting board like a youthful child for Christmas, and my curiosity about computer systems spans from my first pc towards the small network of home Computers Now i own and manage

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表演学 Performance Arts 1

Drama. Small word: big concept. Studying this subject requires ambition, creativity and aptitude- three qualities I believe I possess. The whole process inspires me: the idea, the development, and the analytical criticism. My ultimate ambition is to become a theatre producer. I acknowledge the challenges involved in pursuing a career in theatre, but I am determined and realistic.

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插图设计 Personal Statement之三

I've always loved Art from an earlier age. My earliest memory of the is doodling on sheets laptop or computer paper and dicing old Christmas cards to create new images. I'm able to remember investing the majority of my childhood just drawing and being motivated to make and design everything! This passion for Art has remained beside me and developed and grown and, now, I am unable to imagine thinking of doing other things.

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艺术基础 Personal Statement

The unity in any painter’s work arises from the fact that a person, brought to a desperate situation, will behave in a certain way… style.  – Frank Auerbach. I strongly agree with this statement, and that creativity in art is heavily influenced by the state of mind of the artist. Given the chance from studying an art foundation course would give me the pleasure of developing my ideas of the psychology behind art while practically pursuing my strongest passion for the subject. My natural abilities and enthusiasm for art and expression through media have always been strong and I have a unquestionable commitment to do an art foundation course at university/college.

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