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服装设计 Personal Statement

The of favor design is definitely an exciting, highly creative and highly competitive atmosphere. During my mind, the thought of becoming involved with this market is associated with some kind of challenging. Am I creative enough to explore it? Am I Going To fit? Am I Going To stick out? Am I Going To have the ability to achieve something popular? Have i got the appropriate passion, drive, resilience and more importantly the needed expertise being effective popular design?

I must study for BA Fashion Womenswear. I believe the course can give me an chance to check myself. It can help me find solutions to my primary questions above. I additionally believe that getting completed the course my creative abilities set will expand and improve considerably.

I had been thinking about Art and Design since childhood and was quite positive during my interests. In Ukraine, my studies within the regular school were accompanied by weekend classes in the Kherson Design Lyceum (and just before which i visited Kherson????????a???????a?????s Children????????a???????a?????s School of Art). While in the Lyceum, I analyzed the next subjects: Graphics, Sculpture, Good reputation for Costumes, Drawing, Painting and ornamental Art. I discovered that being positively involved with art helps develop my imagination and creativeness and makes me feel satisfied.

As time passes I realized I'm most enthusiastic about Fashion Design (that was part of Good reputation for Costumes subject) and succeeding in creating a career popular is becoming my lifetime ambition. I've found such designers as Jonathan Saunders, Christopher Kane and Giles Deacon highly inspiring and contemporary.

I'm presently on the Fashion Portfolio course at London College of favor and that i think it is thrilling. Of all the creative challenges the scholars listed here are set up to, I loved the entire process of research and growth and development of initial ideas probably the most. I additionally really loved focusing on certain projects along with other students but it had assisted me develop my communicational abilities. To date, I've received top grades for those my work and positive feedback from peers and tutors.

I've also completed certainly one of CSM??s short summer time courses (Fashion Styling for 16-18 y.o.) in August 2006 and located the atmosphere which CSM produces because of its students highly inspiring and challenging.

College from the Arts London is really a large school with dynamic and challenging atmosphere. Furthermore, students listed here are very diverse. I check this out as UAL??s distinctive advantage and am certain that I'll take advantage of an atmosphere including students from various skills with various interests. This can let it me exchange varying sights and concepts and examine other coffee shops.

The place within the center based in london means studying inside a vibrant atmosphere inside a city filled with places to see and become inspired by. I'm excited with this chance and am also searching toward being trained in British. I've been learning British exstensively and arrived at encouraging results (acquired a 7.5 score in IELTS, frequently won British Language Olympiads ?C academic competitions among best students of Kherson School). I'm thrilled in my language abilities to become put against an evaluation of learning Fashion Design in British inside a high-paced and challenging atmosphere.

In my opinion I possibly could achieve maximum out of this course and discover how to express my ideas. I believe I'll succeed because of my adoration for the topic and readiness to step-up for that challenge.


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