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表演学 Performance Arts 1

Drama. Small word: big concept. Studying this subject requires ambition, creativity and aptitude- three qualities I believe I possess. The whole process inspires me: the idea, the development, and the analytical criticism. My ultimate ambition is to become a theatre producer. I acknowledge the challenges involved in pursuing a career in theatre, but I am determined and realistic.

I have enjoyed many aspects of my AS levels courses, particularly studying A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as well as the practical performance of the AS Theatre Studies course, requiring creativity; organisation and patience. I have many other skills essential for a drama degree, such as communication skills, shown both orally by class discussions, and written shown through my essays- having achieved full marks (90) on two of my English AS modules (one in language, one in literature.) I am highly motivated and consider myself consistent in time-management. My drama performances prove high levels of teamwork, individual stimulation, and I enjoy working with new people and understanding different viewpoints.

My passion for drama began when I saw Les Miserables at the age of seven and realised that theatre was my vocation. From then on I have tried as much as possible to partake in all manner of theatrical and dramatic activities, including performance, running a drama club, reviews, and sound operation. I have been in many successful productions, one being Ruddigore at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival at Buxton Opera House, in the female ensemble. This, along with the role of Feste in Twelfth Night at the Shakespeare Schools’ Festival at the Lowry Theatre, Manchester, taught me valuable aspects on how a theatre and its productions are run. For example, the rigorous rehearsal, technical and operational logistics involved; the teamwork between cast and crew; and the discipline required by me, as a performer. They were amazing experiences, fuelling my passion further. Moreover, I have been in school productions of Oklahoma! in the female ensemble, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream as Hermia. These allowed me to develop performance skills as well as the ability to evaluate the plays’ structure.

What’s more, I have participated in a promenade performance at Haigh Hall, working with the ***** Pier Theatre Company, telling the story of Victorian Haigh Hall aristocracy. This gave me an interesting depth into period drama and theatre making’s various forms. In addition, i ran a drama club in Y12 with some friends, helping younger students gain dramatical experience and confidence, as well as learning to make friends. From this I developed leadership skills.

Furthermore, my school-based responsibilities include the role of Social Secretary on the Sixth Form Committee. My duties involve organising social functions for the students to raise money. This understanding of events management and finance will prove helpful in a theatrical career. I also enjoy literature and have written articles for the school newspaper about social events and drama clubs, and do a lot of extra-curricular reading of plays and novels. I am also an active member of the school choir and local parish amatuer dramatics society, having performed Prince Charming in an enjoyable production of Cinderella.

Outside of school my interests lie in culture and performance. I have seen many theatre productions, have classes in singing and Latin and ballroom dancing- about which I am very enthusiastic. I love travelling to gain a better understanding of different cultures. My role as sales consultant at Jane Shilton, Trafford Centre, enables me to express confidence, team skills, and interpersonal skills. Overall, I aim to give 100% of my abilities and passion to a degree in drama and theatre, and am aware of the challenges, both practical and academic vital to the course. It is something I wholeheartedly enjoy and wish to expand my theatrical experience and fulfil my potential.

Universities applied to:

  • Royal Holloway (Drama and Theatre Studies) – offer ABB
  • Central School of Speech and Drama (Performance Arts) – offer BB – firm accepted
  • Manchester (Drama) – Rejection after interview
  • Queen Mary (Drama) – offer AAC/ABB
  • London South Bank (Creative Producing) – Withdrew application


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