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Social & Anthropology Personal Statement

I was the only sixteen-year-old in my first university classroom. It was one of those defining moments where I was painfully aware of how different I was from the people around me. I had not yet graduated from high school, and yet there I sat in a class on personal and social adjustment, feeling an odd combination of excitement and anxiety. I distinctly recall my heart pounding and my irrational fear that, at any moment, someone would inform me that I did not belong there. I was considered an oddity at my high school as the only student in the history of the school to attend secondary and postsecondary institutions simultaneously as a fulltime student. I was reminded of the fact not through vast support from my schoola€?s faculty, but through blatant vocal discouragement.

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Anthropology & Sociology Personal Statement

A magazine known as ??Social and Cultural Anthropology: A Really Short Introduction?? by Peter Just and John Monaghan inclined me to review social anthropology when i believe that it is essential to study another life-style to be able to extend our very own. I'm inquisitive and thinking about human existence. Personally i think sociology will be a good preparation for a number of careers and it'll assist me to keep my options open. Getting investigated the modules that'll be covered within the subject, I've found the topic much more compelling. I'm keen to discover other cultures when i feel it'll enhance my self and assist me to to abandon narrow vision. A diploma will lead to fulfilling my academic potential. It will likewise let me deepen my knowledge of the aspects which constantly affect our way of life, in the apparently trivial to individuals very important, the fascination of those subjects lie in the truth that it's helped me see inside a new light. Thinking about my background my interests, I'm selecting a diploma in anthropology and sociology.

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Sociology 1

I will always be passionately thinking about society??s affect on our actions and also the structure of society, because these issues are highly relevant to everybody in everyday existence, and Sociology thus remains a topic that affects me on the personal level. I've been able look around the structure of society and also the role of the baby deeper and carefully through my Sociology A-level course, that we love studying, and reading through much more about within the ??Sociology Review??, in newspapers, sociological literature for example ??Street Corner Society by watching ??Newsnight??. It's a subject which has extended my horizons, making me question the ways that I view society, particularly when it comes to whether there's class conflict between your bourgeoisie and proletariat or perhaps a consensus in society, within the key arguements for and against Functionalism and Marxism. I'm very intrigued by studying and discussing sociological and political perspectives and ideologies, especially enjoy researching and evaluating key sociological issues with the essays we write at school

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