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Therapeutic Radiography 1

My aim is to study therapeutic radiography, and then to get a job as a therapy radiographer. This appeals to me as it is a combination of patient and people skills, with the technical aspects of the machinery and radiation physics, and I feel that this would be a career with much job satisfaction that I would enjoy. Another factor that appeals to me is the security of a job once qualified owing to the few numbers of radiographers at present. I recently spent a day in Addenbrookes oncology department, and I was shown around, and shown the machines, and was able to see some patients receiving treatment. There were a variety of patients, including young and old, and patients with different needs and symptoms, and the specialist equipment used for this. I also saw the simulator machine, and how it was used to plan treatment, both for a new patient and a returning patient with new needs that needed to be accommodated in the treatment. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable, and this assured me that this would be a career I would like. I also got the opportunity to talk to qualified radiographers about their job, and ask any questions, and also spoke to a second year student about her experiences training. As well as talking to radiographers, I was introduced to a physicist and a medical technician, and spent a short time with them and saw how their jobs were closely related both with each other and the radiographer and what they did. The day as a whole showed me the variety of jobs that a radiographer does, and how the radiographer carries out the treatment while considering any other problems caused by the treatment or the cancer itself and how to accommodate it

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Diagnostic Radiography 1

The training, experience and interests during my existence up to now happen to be quite varied. I've resided and labored in Germany, The country and France too as with the United kingdom. Lately, I've thought extensively about altering my career and been attracted to radiography because it offers attractive possibilities to use abilities and private characteristics which i consider I possess, to supply an immediately tangible and satisfying contribution to individuals??utes health.

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