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物理治疗 Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy 2

I've been thinking about health studies since my childhood.

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Physiotherapy 1

Since beginning my A-level subjects of British, Biology and Sport Studies, I've made the decision to pursue therapy like a future career. Included in my research, I arranged two experience positions at Watford General Hospital and Mount Vernon Hospital. Throughout these positions, I shadowed several physiotherapists, permitting me to see a variety of facets of the department. These incorporated stroke sufferers, workplace injuires, rehab after surgery and proper care of the seniors. Before I attended these positions, I was expecting to enter workplace injuires like a specialist area at college. However, taking care of a stroke victim and helping them recover was an very rewarding experience, which is the region Now i wish to focus on. Both days were quite interesting and that i loved dealing with employees and patients a lot that i'm planning similar positions at Northwick Park and also the Royal Memory foam Hospital in Stanmore. To understand the variations between Therapy and Osteopathy, I've also attended a wide open trip to the British School of Osteopathy

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