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宗教学 Religious Study

Theology 神学 Personal Statement

Religion relies purely upon peoples?? readiness to possess belief in a thing that numerous others question. Questions for example ??Does God exist???, ??Why would God exist???, ??Can there be one God or many??? fascinate me, and i'm perplexed by their solutions if solutions even exist. I'm also mesmerised why people place a lot belief in someone who there's no solid empirical evidence. The Bible, apparent miracles, transcripts, doctrines, manuscripts like the ??Dead Ocean Scrolls??, artefacts and lots of other religious elements captivate me.

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Religious Studies 1

Religion fascinates me. Its history may be the good reputation for applied philosophy as well as humanity??s adaptation to the conditions. In addition, it's, or it signifies, something so intrinsic to 1??utes identity that so many people are willing that are awesome it. Therefore I still find it worth study.

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