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Theology 神学 Personal Statement

Religion relies purely upon peoples?? readiness to possess belief in a thing that numerous others question. Questions for example ??Does God exist???, ??Why would God exist???, ??Can there be one God or many??? fascinate me, and i'm perplexed by their solutions if solutions even exist. I'm also mesmerised why people place a lot belief in someone who there's no solid empirical evidence. The Bible, apparent miracles, transcripts, doctrines, manuscripts like the ??Dead Ocean Scrolls??, artefacts and lots of other religious elements captivate me.

Attending chapel from the youthful age initially sparked my interest which was enhanced by Philosophy and Ethics training, turning interest into passion. Although studying a purely Philosophical and Ethical course at AS level, discussions with my instructors regarding other faiths and religions, for example Buddhism, has brought to some larger curiosity within the subject. As part of Christian Union, I deepened my enthusiasm for that subject and also have elevated my understanding and understanding of both Bible and Christian occasions, particularly, Christian Theology and it is history.

Religion is one thing that actually inspires and drives me, which is something which I take enormous pleasure in studying. My need to uncover whenever possible about religion has brought me to see literature for example ??Why I'm not a Christian?? by Bertrand Russell, that has further motivated me making me more going to take my study of religion further. His questioning of God??s existence, existence after dying as well as exactly what a Christian is, has affected me to create exactly the same queries. Volunteering in a Supplier and cafe has uncovered me to numerous Christian literature for example ??I??d Prefer to Believe But?? and ??50 Key Concepts in Theology??.

This season I started a wide open College course, which investigated the Social Sciences and mainly an awareness of telecomutting saves gas. Within this, I looked into the results of gender, race and religion on roles in society along with numerous other subjects. This program has provided me my first real taste of personal time management, individual study and self-learning. I appreciated a brand new and various challenge and believe that it's trained me new abilities which will benefit me during my study.

I will always be going to achieve and am dedicated to both my academic studies and activities which i be a part of. Aiding more youthful, less able pupils with literacy and joining Peer Support, has enhanced my verbal communication abilities considerably. These abilities happen to be increased by getting involved in Discussing Society. This, in addition to my An amount subjects is promoting my capability to approach ideas and opinions with a balanced view, although still having the ability to effectively argue for something In my opinion in. They also have broadened my analytical reasoning, that we feel is essential when studying something as subjective as Religion. This season I'd the chance to represent my school, together with four other students, in the National Youthful Customers Competition, where we arrived at the semi-finals, after winning several warms, including our regional final. This increased my confidence greatly, in addition to teaching me to convey myself articulately. I had been fortunate to become granted using the position of Mind girl in the finish of the year 12. Within this role, I've adopted a lot of responsibility, needing to organise not only myself, but others too. I've learnt both tact and diplomacy, that we feel are highly valuable abilities when approaching subjects as contentious as world faiths as well as their conflicts.

Being an individual constantly searching for intellectual challenges, In my opinion that Religious Studies and Theology will give us a genuine chance to stretch and test myself. In my opinion it might also fulfil my need to practice a subject which plays a significant role in society and which influences a lot of what individuals do and just how they live.

Colleges Put on:

Heythrop College ?C 280 points

Cardiff ?C BBC (Insurance)

Bristol ?C BBB (Firm and Recognized)

Nobleman College London ?C ABB

Cambridge ?C Declined after pooling

Grades Accomplished:

A-levels: AAAa


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