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Geography 1

I'm thinking about going after a Geography course at College. Studying Geography will give you me having a better knowledge of topical problems that modify the world around us, as well as improve my presentational abilities and independent learning abilities. I'm presently studying A-Levels Geography and Drama, that has gave me an enthusiastic curiosity about current matters well, i am thinking about areas for example development and environment issues

Personally i think these subject matter will give you me having a seem background to construct a diploma

My interests in Drama began early attending college where I discovered which i loved most of the techniques used within Drama. This provided the boldness to participate attending college productions, I've also developed my understanding of Greek Tragedies, Physical Theatre and Monologues, and although studying a b-Level in Carrying out Arts I've developed my leadership abilities and confidence to some mature standard

Throughout my experience I'd the chance to utilize an expert and very devoted armourer. I made use of both of these days to advantage by broadening my understanding inside a diverse trade, which requires skill and very good technique. Both of these days assisted me develop many abilities for example concentration and independent working, experience has additionally gave me experience of a trade which may be used to select from, because of the truth that this can be a family trade I therefore I've got a platform to launch

Within college I play an energetic role within college as well as inside my tutor group. I had been chosen student Council Representative, that has not just developed my communications abilities but furthered my organisation abilities. Inside my tutor group I interact whenever possible by getting involved in the tutor football team, and assisting my tutor with worldwide dimensions week, featuring its helping more youthful students to build up abilities they are able to use later on. I've also labored using the P.E department by refereeing sports day football

Included in my own development self improvement, I assisted each year 7 Drama class and used my very own abilities to assist students by helping cover their plays, this trained me characteristics of leadership for example motivation and persistence

My hobbies include an array of sports, most particularly rugby where I play at club level and county level, I really hope to make use of this sporting background to experience inside a College team. I additionally have a curiousity about football, golf and from time to time play tennis, Sometimes part-time inside the College itself employed in the website Team, that has developed my reliability and communications abilities

I regard myself to become an very friendly and difficult working person. I've become very determined and independent consequently of going after my A-Levels and hope this gives a great background for College. I anticipate the task of College existence and also the possibilities which will arise consequently.


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