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社会发展学Personal Statement

My interest in Social Anthropology and/or Development Studies has increased during my post-sixteen education due, in part, to my reading of texts such as Andrew Websters The Sociology of Development and subscribing to the DFIDs Developments Magazine. These texts have raised my awareness of the complexities of developmental issues and the fact that they should be considered from a less generalised, Eurocentric view, as there is more to people than just being poor. I believe that in a shrinking world where communities are inextricably linked by globalisation, a course in Social Anthropology and/or Development Studies is key to understanding the people that make up the world and identifying ways to overcome the issues that concern them in a practical way. As, ultimately, I want to have a career in development, I feel that the inter-disciplinary aspect of Social Anthropology and Development Studies will be beneficial to my understanding of the wider context of both subjects.

Holidays to Western Europe and, in particular, Thailand have shown me the extent of cultural diversity. However, they have also shown that great inequality and injustice exist in the world. These trips have fuelled my desire to travel and I believe that experience or placements abroad will help me to understand better the problems that people face, as I will be able to see them first-hand.

My A-level courses directly relate to my chosen field of study. Ethics and Philosophy has helped me to look at concepts and consider issues from alternative standpoints and to think outside of the box. Sociology is directly linked to the course, as it is the study of societies and how people function within them. History has helped me to consider issues from a contextual background and AS English Language developed my analytical writing.

My school life reflects my determination to succeed, as shown by the numerous academic achievement awards I have received and my consistently high attendance. In addition, I have taken part in extra curricular activities such as completing the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award, which developed my navigation skills and initiative, as well as helping me to realise the benefits of teamwork and pushing personal boundaries. Also, I have played in a successful steel band for three years performing at several concerts. I am keen to learn another language, as I believe this will benefit and link with my chosen course; I would be interested to take advantage of any such opportunities at your institution.

My part time employment at Monsoon Accessorize, although not directly linked to the course, has been beneficial as I believe anthropology is pertinent not only in remote tribes but also in British towns and cities. I have encountered many different groups of people through my work, which has given me the opportunity to observe how they present themselves and interact with each other. In addition, part time work has helped me to mature and better my time management, as I have had to balance my school, work and social life carefully.

Aside from school and work, I enjoy teaching myself the drums, playing badminton and cycling. Also, I benefit from reading both fiction and non-fiction, especially books that portray powerful messages such as Orwells Nineteen-Eighty Four.

The diverse social and cultural mix at university is something I am very much looking forward to, as is the opportunity to learn in depth about a subject that I am passionate about.



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