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考古学Personal Statement之五

I have always been interested in studying the past. As a child I loved visiting hill forts and ancient monuments. This interest was further developed when I travelled to Australia and New Zealand and was able to study the ancient cultures of the Aboriginal and Maori peoples. I have fascinated by how their art and spiritual beliefs still influence many aspects of modern life in areas such as architecture and creative arts. I have also been working as a volunteer on a local dig and this has further confirmed my interest in archaeology. I feel that this course would give me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and understanding of ancient civilisations and their influences on the way the world has developed

My A-levels in History, Geology and Information Technology have helped me to develop skills in research, analysis and problem solving. I am a keen PC user and am also interested in the role that new technologies can play in helping us to make sense of the past. Throughout my studies I have had to work in teams with other students on a range of projects and make group and individual presentations. These activities have helped me to develop my communication skills and strengthened my ability to work with people

I work part time in a bookshop which has also helped me to develop my skills of dealing with people, handling money and sorting, categorising and displaying stock. I really enjoy this as I love working with books

At school I set up and now run a thriving chess club, and I was elected to represent the school at a city wide tournament in which I came second. I play in the schools football and cricket teams and also enjoy swimming, cycling and aikido. I am an active, motivated and conscientious student keen to take up the challenges of higher education.



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