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I have always had a keen interest in exploring the past. When I was ten years old, I first visited an archaeological dig in Scotland and I have been fascinated by archaeology ever since. I have kept up my interest by visiting museums and historical sites. This summer I visited the Bayeux Tapestry, the Mary Rose exhibition in Portsmouth and the Megaliths at Carnac. I like to read books on archaeology and regularly watch television programmes on the subject. I collect fossils and minerals, and try to collect my own specimens from the field whenever possible. My collection is catalogued, and growing at the time

I have tried to get involved with archaeology as much as I an. At High School I joined the Archaeology Club and became the Club Secretary, I also joined the Chorley Young Archaeologists Club and still help with the Club today. This summer I joined the Club’s annual excavation, supervising the children and gaining some ‘hands on’ experience myself

I am currently studying A-level Earth Science, Environmental Science and C20th History. Both Earth Science and History have developed my skills in interpreting the past, and all of my subjects have helped me to develop data handling and presentation skills especially when doing fieldwork. In my first year at College, I studied A-level Politics because of my interest in current affairs, however at the beginning of my second year I decided to change direction and concentrate on taking both Earth and Environmental Science

During my time at College, I have been on several field trips and a visit to Edinburgh where we visited several art galleries. I have recently been on a History trip to Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, where we had the chance to visit many sites relating to my History course including the concentration camp KZ Mauthausen. I will shortly be visiting Arromanches in France to undertake fieldwork for both Earth and Environmental Science, I hope to gain even more experience of working in the field

At School and College I have always tried to get involved as much as possible. At High School I was a School Prefect and a Year 7 Form helper, and was involved in two German School exchanges. I was a member of the School Orienteering Team, and twice attended the British Schools Championships. Outside School, I took the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and joined a local youth drama group
I have a weekend job at a local garden centre where I undertake a range of duties and have learned a great deal about the care of plants. At High School, I went on a two-week work experience to Beacon Country Park, where I worked with the Rangers on practical conservation tasks. I have been in contact with the County Archaeology Officer and a museum and hope to arrange some work experience for after my A-levels

I am interested in music and have recently become involved with the College Radio, where I play a set once a week. I enjoy visiting art galleries, and this summer visited the Musee D’Orsay in Paris and the Tate in St. Ives. I love travelling and want to visit a range of other countries where I can meet people and experience other cultures

I am an organised person who works well in a group and on my own. I am sociable and easy-going and enjoy meeting new people. I am strongly motivated to study Archaeology as I have been enthusiastic about the subject for many years and would love to pursue a career in this field after graduating. If given a place to study Archaeology at University, I would be determined to succeed


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