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Being an AVCE student I understand that my lengthy-term ambition would be to work inside the fields of knowledge Technology and be a professional Computer Specialist. With my future goals in your mind, my sixth form education continues to be based on VCE??s in Advanced It and Business Studies, 'cisco' Networking and General Studies. Studying of these VCE??s means I must be a competent and difficult worker, showing that I can prioritise and manage time effectively to obtain everything done promptly. I like and are proud of my work particularly I.T and discover learning and using the logical techniques trained very stimulating

I've done lots of research in to the different regions of the computing industry and also have also written to Microsoft. My studies have proven me that It is really a demanding along with a rewarding career and that i believe that this is actually the kind of employment that I must choose

My advanced VCE in Computer systems assisted me develop many abilities. The most crucial of is a chance to stick to due dates once we have numerous projects provided to us previously from each teacher

I've discovered this is accomplished by carefully planning time

From my advanced VCE??s I've also developed on a chance to produce accurate information that's obvious to know. This truth is proven within the programming assignment where I designed my very own programme using Visual Fundamental. My most powerful point is a chance to co-operate with other people and share information acquired. I've also excellent communication abilities and may talk and cope with problems inside a friendly manner. I've developed about this particularly skill although I spent three days at Cape Computer systems where I learnt steps to make computer systems undertaking different tasks and learning new abilities every single day. Plus i got the chance to construct my very own PC, that was a frightening task and lots of problem fixing abilities were involved. I acquired the chance to speak with individuals and solve their computer problems

On the top of my VCE I additionally work with MacDonald??s Restaurant Ltd. It has introduced me into connection with a wider selection of people, and that i have learnt lots of abilities, in the job place and socially with my co-workers

From school I'm active in the Muslim community and that i hold a significant exclusive position, teaching more youthful children the methods from the Qura??n and i'm known as upon quite frequently to guide the saying within the mosque

During my free time I like getting involved in the exercise program in my personal fitness. My other interests include swimming and cycling and also to totally relax I pay attention to music

During my this past year in school I'm going to strive to achieve the required grades for any place at college. I've the entire backing from the school and my loved ones to get this done. My curiosity about my selected computing subjects helps me to concentrate towards my ambition, because they are actually subjects which i enjoy greatly. I trust I will be more positively viewed for any college place.


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