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I have always thoroughly enjoyed Mathematics, and perhaps naturally, I am looking towards a degree course in finance. However, I have other interests beside Mathematics. I believe a Business and Management degree course would be more satisfying because of its diverse elements. When recently I became Deputy Head Girl, my interest in management was awakened. I now have important responsibilities. I have become much more aware of time-management, working as part of a team, setting targets, and representing both the Headmaster and the pupils

Being part of the Sixth Form Council, the school’s prefectorial forum, has made me more confident in expressing my opinions, and developing my listening skills

Working as a clerical assistant in an architectural firm in London for my work experience was very rewarding: I improved my computer skills and my ability to tackle new situations. I have also worked for the British Council in Cairo teaching English

I am thoroughly enjoying the International Baccalaureate, and one particular recent project stands out, the Science project. As secretary of our group, I had to make sure that everyone was working, and organise meetings, prepare a formal presentation, which was recorded on video. This project showed how a team worked under pressure, and that working together was essential

I enjoy sport and started playing squash when I first came to ************ and earlier this year I was appointed captain, once again useful experience for dealing with people who are not always willing

Not only do I work with my peers, but I also lead them: I can see how individual efforts affect the entire team. Directing fund raising events for Amnesty International further refined my organisation skills. Recruiting new members to the group tested my promotional abilities as well

I completed Silver level in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme in 1999. I have nearly completed the Gold, which has been very demanding but great fun. The team spirit was a necessity, though the biggest challenge is one’s determination

For the first half of my gap year, I will be working to raise money

Then in January 2001 I will set off to Kenya for four months, as part of a conservation team, with ‘Africa and Asia Ventures’. I shall be monitoring the turtle population near Nairobi, also surveying the surrounding landscape. This adventure will be a challenge, but I am prepared to tackle it.



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