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I'm an ambitious, creative and passionate individual. Since childhood I've loved maths, because it is challenging and consists mostly of problem fixing. Therefore, attempting to further my career in accounting. I'm a interpersonal individual that will get on well with other people. I'm computer literate well, i am acquainted with software??s for example Stand out and writer, but this skill will be my progress in accounting. Sometimes well by myself and inside a group, making me a perfect candidate to have an accounting degree

Throughout my years in school not just have I acquired nine GCSE??s at grade C??s or over together with a grade B in Maths, however i also have played in lots of sporting occasions. I've accomplished three medals of which is gold in Athletics and 2 silver in Basketball and Rounders. I've also accomplished a concise certificate representing my 100% punctuality and attendance and emphasising my enthusiasm during my work and education. I had been additionally a prefect, this represents that i'm a trusted individual with great potential

I've had an array of experience in lots of fields for example teaching, pharmacy so that as a salesman, that has assisted me develop my communication abilities. I'm also enrolling on the part-time, three-month managers course with McDonalds to widen my experience. This program includes Safety and health, personal time management and with costumer complaints. Throughout my encounters I've realized that accounting may be the area of labor If only to proceed within this is due to previous work positions which i've loved although not towards the extent which i would with accounting.


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