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In my opinion that college provides an excellent chance to help my learning inside a tougher atmosphere and also to deepen my knowledge of the understanding and abilities I curently have.

I'm interested in every aspect of economic, but am particularly thinking about accountancy/finance and management.

Through my current study I began to become more computer literate and just how to effectively manage time. I grew to become thinking about accountancy when staring at the finance unit running a business studies and i'm now finishing an As level within this subject when i felt this could produce a seem footing when beginning my college course

I acquired an As level in sociology that has sharp my capability to analyse information thorough, that is vital for management. Sociology has additionally assisted me appreciate people??s different needs in society, that we see being an important feature running a business

One responsibility which i held for any year was the role from the junior high school prefect. This assisted me to achieve a look into typical fundamental management duties. In Year 13 Then i grew to become a senior prefect and our role inside the school would be to help with your activities as fund raising and also the school fate

Getting involved in the Youthful Enterprise plan trained me many abilities working individually with a team that was among the secrets to the company??s success as ??best company??

I attended a youthful enterprise presentation day where i was fortunate to hear visitors talking about just as one entrepreneur. This brief course inspired me having a desire to eventually own my very own business. Personally i think that the accountancy/finance and management course can help me to put myself within the sector by which I'm most interested and provide me the aspiration to eventually accomplish this

Within the sixth form experience is optional however i thought I'd gain significant advantage from this type of positioning. I had been fortunate to obtain a two-week positioning in Lloyds TSB bank in Nottingham. I had been given a lot of responsibility time was split into various departments like the customer support department, finance department, balancing accounts using the cashiers. Consequently of my success with Lloyds TSB the manager offered me full-time employment with training must i choose to take that route

I held a component time project for 2 1/24 months by which I labored like a counter assistant inside a busy restaurant during my local town. Out of this I learned many abilities for example your fast busy atmosphere, handling money and a lot of customer support and working together

During my free time I like socialising with my buddies and family. I like reading through and something of the best authors is Terry Pratchet. I like music and that i pay attention to a variety of styles. I'm particularly thinking about IT and far of time is spent researching on the internet

From my encounters and private ambition I'm certain that I've the required self-motivation and commitment to achieve accountancy finance and management and that i anticipate benefiting from all of the possibilities that college existence needs to offer.


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