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This really is Ali Hassan and that i plan to purse my further studies within the area of accounting. Things I consider this area is ??Accounting is much like Art??. You need to analyse all facets prior to making a just decision. In my opinion when someone is nice at art, he'd be a master at accounts since you need logic, all things have a collection order and method. Each bit is positioned carefully and it has a higher significance among its atmosphere. You'll need analytical abilities. Disassemble every bit of knowledge and employ it to create your personal choices.

I've analyzed accounts as my very own and also have developed a desire for it and would therefore prefer to keep doing so at LUMS. The course that I must do at LUMS is Business Accounts or Accounts and Finance. Personally i think the two subjects mix well with each other as well as on many occasions I've founds that my understanding of 1 has assisted me using the other. Studying Maths has additionally gave me logic along with a greater knowledge of various concepts and techniques. I've be flexible in determining what concepts have to be used so when, thus, helping me attain the finest results possible. I be capable of get abilities and understanding rapidly and am independent enough to conduct my very own study and research. On many occasions at school I've trained myself various sections in maths to be able to remain in front of the class.

My primary ambition for future years would be to become a cpa Executive or perhaps a Financial Consultant. I'm wishing college will give you me by having an knowledge of the corporate world and also gives me an array of options and connections after my course.

During my free time, I like reading through, swimming, drawing and fixing puzzles and logic problems.

I guarantee when provided an opportunity I'll prove myself an encouraging and committed student.


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