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Since studying Business at GCSE level and Economics at AS level, I have developed an interest in the role of finance within businesses. Alongside my studies at school, I have also taken inspiration from my involvement in my father’s part-time business. I have helped deal with some financial aspects of this business, including banking and completing annual accounts, from which I have developed several skills in working with figures and the ability to accurately handle, organise and analyse information. From this experience, I am intrigued to learn more about finance and accounting.

Currently, I am studying A levels in Psychology, Geography and English Literature. I chose not to continue Economics to A2 level as the specific aspects of my other courses were much more relevant to my personal interests. Each of these subjects has given me valuable knowledge and understanding which I can apply to many other general areas. Studying Psychology has given me an insight into behaviours and attitudes in everyday involvement with people, both relatives and friends as well as within society in general. The human aspects of my Geography course have provided me with the ability to better understand important issues on a global scale. In studying literature I have learnt to communicate ideas more clearly and confidently, both in speech and in writing.

Outside of school, I enjoy reading both fiction books, mostly classic novels, mysteries, science fiction and fantasy, and non-fiction texts, generally including information about natural history and the economy. I read everyday as this is something that I find beneficial to improve my general knowledge and provides me with an opportunity to spend some time on my own. In addition to this, I have an enthusiasm for computing. I am familiar with using spreadsheets, word processors and creative software and I am also learning aspects of web design. In recent years I have learnt skills from my brother, who is a computer programmer, and I am always eager to teach myself new things.

As an individual, I have always aspired to higher education at university as I have a positive and committed attitude to learning new things. The idea of moving on from school life and taking on the challenge of a degree course provides me with motivation and determination to succeed. From studying at university, I intend to develop my personal characteristics and skills and learn to apply the knowledge I gain to pursue a career in an accounting or financial profession.



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