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As soon as I started thinking about careers and courses at college, I will always be attracted towards business and financial routes. I'd say the reason being Personally i think I've the best characteristics of these routes, especially a chance to think realistically and analytically.

Personally i think accounting will offer you us a steady profession within the financial world that may lead onto various other fields for example investment banking or financial analysis.

One more reason I'm drawn to accounting is the fact that I've got a strong curiosity about corporate business and also the economy. I just read the BBC??s section around the economy and business nearly every day I've found it incredible to see how economic changes greater up might have enormous effects lower lower upon the general public, like the buyout of HBOS by Lloyds TSB or even the current recession leading us right into a recession. I frequently have discussions with my dad and older brother who're very familiar with the present working world, according to the property market, economy and current matters associated with the economy for example new laws and regulations and taxes.

I attended an exhibition distributed by two student an accounting firm presently studying being chartered underneath the ACA professional body. I had been intrigued to understand the various routes into accounting, and also the possibilities the topic and career provide. This confirmed my primary aspiration to go in the accountancy and finance profession.

At Advanced level I've loved studying varied subjects. I'm consistently perplexed through the complexity of microorganisms which are analyzed in biology, and get pleasure from learning humans, creatures and vegetation is modified and just how they evolve.

Design Technology provides me with an opportunity to let the creativity flow and do on the job work. It??s simply amazing to make a product from initial conception and research to manufacture and evaluation. Theory operate in D&T can also be very intriguing there's great focus on business and marketplaces, so when creating you need good problem fixing abilities as they have to try to some goals to resolve a genuine market problem. Getting a higher grade at

Advanced Subsidiary level shows my determination to offer the greatest standard of labor.

ICT is definitely an ever important part in society, and therefore Personally i think it's a highly relevant subject. ICT compares the close links between business and technology which forms a powerful relationship essential to any company or working atmosphere. I've advanced IT and computing abilities, and am able to utilizing it to the full potential to be able to assist me with work.

I've good written communication abilities, and frequently want to write opinionative articles and short tales on online towns. Personally i think this benefits me when writing essays or reviews when i can write fluidly and clearly. Studying Critical Thinking at Advanced Subsidiary level has led to my writing capabilities, because it is proven me how you can analyse, structure and write arguments.

I additionally have good presentation abilities I'm adept in the skill of presentation where I make gooduse of ICT, imagery and language to interact my audience and completely communicate the subject that we might be showing.

Outdoors of faculty, I've many interests and hobbies. Certainly one of the best interests is music. I like playing guitar of a multitude of styles for example blues, funk and rock and am presently studying for any Grade 8 qualification. I like having fun with buddies inside a band because it provides me with an opportunity to work included in team to create fully structured tunes. Within school I attend a blues club held with a senior music teacher and also have also played in music nights held through the music department.

My varied subjects and also the abilities I've achieved together with my outdoors interests have brought me to build up a powerful curiosity about accounting, finance and also the economy. Consequently I'm extremely motivated and devoted to succeeding in college and getting a effective career in accounting and finance.


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