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My decision to try to get a diploma course in Accounting and Finance comes from my research within the college library and my career aspiration to become chartered accountant. I particularly enjoy administrative work, statistical and record exercises, and possibilities to utilize others together. I'm certain that these talents and transferable abilities is going to be coded in a diploma course, and useful for my subsequent career.

To be able to obtain a jump, I've arranged a 2-week experience programme with Ahmed and Co accountancy, which supplies services for well-known restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores along with other companies. Both of these week experience will give you me having a greater knowledge of the fundamental abilities needed of the accountant, and introduce me to techniques for example cash balance evaluation, financial control and current cost accounting

I'm presently studying A- Level ICT and Background and AS- Level Urdu and Business Studies. Studying AS-Level Business Studies will give you the fundamentals and knowledge of real existence problems faced by companies and also the right solutions which are utilized by professional companies to be able to succeed along with a-Level in ICT can give us a better knowledge of advanced technology available you can use to be able to process easier with a shorter period consuming

I'm a very active sportsperson, making use all sports facilities that my college provides. I've symbolized my college in cricket, football, basketball and mix-country and also the medals, certificates and trophies accomplished can represent these. I really hope to consider these accomplishments further by representing the college within the sports facilities it'll provide by achieving more medals and trophies as you possibly can

In my opinion college provides an excellent chance to help my learning inside a challenging atmosphere and so i am using for any degree in accounting and finance, that will enable me to get the abilities needed to know the field of business and assist me to be a chartered accountant

I anticipate the task of the demanding degree course, and am certain that I've the private characteristics and academic motivation to create a success from it.


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