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English 1

My ??A?? Level British research has got me into a far more academic teaching style with a focus on the requirement for independent work, to be able to gain the most effective grades. I like seeking more depth and insight, whether for varsity texts of non-public reading through and focus. I've frequently utilized Leach Scragg??s ??Finding Shakespeare??s Meaning?? when studying ??Romeo and Juliet??, ??Macbeth??, ??Twelfth Evening?? and ??The Merchant of Venice?? that helped me to to see and comprehend the plays more completely. Anthony Holden??s biography has provided us a fundamental knowledge of Shakespeare and the world. I've lately bought ??Literary Theory: An Anthology??, edited by Rivkin and Ryan to aid my developing curiosity about critical theory.

During my studies up to now I've checked out the current novel but have lately become wondering much more about the Victorian novel because the precursor to modernism. I'm exploring the idea of the didactic, omniscient narrator and just how Victorian authors worked with problems with contemporary telecomutting saves gas. I've read Dickens??s ??Great Anticipation?? and am presently reading through Eliot??s ??Middlemarch??. A style that interests me is religious belief and doubt also expressed at that time through Victorian publish-romantic poetry, for example Arnold??s ??Dover Beach?? and Clough??s ??The Most Recent Decalogue??.

My reading through of contemporary literature, going through the theme of ??teenage angst?? has incorporated functions by J.D.Salinger, Nicky Hornby and Sue Townsend. I've also loved the monologue talent of Alan Bennett??s ??Speaking Heads??. Through his artless narrators Personally i think that Bennett effectively discloses the comic part of the too frequently tragic human condition. (This tragedy is investigated further within the more dark, ??Speaking Heads Two??).

My other research has extended my understanding but I've been keen to include literary aspects. In art, I'm presently writing a vital and analytical study ??Stuckism?? and this past year I completed a bit of work in line with the Canterbury Tales. French, aside from supplying me having a second modern language, has provided me the chance to sample foreign literature i.e. Pagnol??s ??Jean p Florette?? and ??Manon des Sources??. I've also discovered that needing to communicate inside a language has provided me the ability of studying my thinking before I speak or write. Next summer time I will stick with French buddies within the South of France and am then wishing to substantially improve my fluency.

My vocational ??A?? Level in ??Media: Production and Communication?? has driven a desire for linguistics which i have furthered by reading through ??The Condition from the Language?? by Phillip Howard. This ??A??Level has assisted me to understand the richness from the British Language using its jargon, slang, dialects, argot, clich??s, and foreign influences. It's given me the chance to edit and write for ??The ********?? and also the ambition to engage in campus guides later on.

I like visiting the theatre and also have seen productions through the RSC, our local TOADs theatre company in addition to public productions for example ??Each Day within the Dying of Joe Egg??. I've also were built with a role inside a college student play coupled with the chance to look at other degree level drama.

Colleges Put on

Cambridge (Offer)

Exeter (Offer)

Sussex (Offer)

Southampton (Offer)

Portsmouth (Offer)

Bristol (Declined)


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