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English 15

I've selected to try to get an British based course since i have always found the topic rewarding and fulfilling. I have a keen interest in most facets of literature, and my A-level subjects have assisted me within the appreciation of texts. I've found classic literature particularly stimulating, and thru my British Literature course, I've created a passion for John Donne. My experience inside a theatre also captivated a thespian need to perform, and I've had experience of two major roles in class plays. I'm studying to consider a professional S-Level British course, that we hope will prepare me for degree level British, in addition to further broadening my reading through. If only to review British at college, when i accept is as true will help me during my intended media-based career

My curiosity about literature also fuels my need to travel. Inspired by my Modern History classes, books for example ??A Dance Between Flames?? and Cold War spy thrillers, last summer time I required an excursion around eastern Europe and Russia. I'm a skilled traveller and I've discovered that travelling has extended my horizons, making us a elderly and independent person. It's also developed my communication and diplomatic abilities in addition to enhancing my spoken German. I've played inside a German exchange although at school, and also have individually visited a household in Germany many occasions, I loved the task of interacting in German, in addition to adopting the German culture. In my opinion that understanding of foreign cultures is essential within the study and appreciation of literature. A current college organised trip to the Oberammergau Passion Play and neighbouring Berlin and Salzburg has urged a desire for theology, that we plan to continue inside my British course

Roles of responsibility for example Deputy Mind Girl in school, participation inside a paired reading through plan and something years experience of a stable part-time job have refined my organisation and developed my communicative abilities. Outdoors college and work, I like a varied and full social existence, I'm a keen theatre-goer and fitness fanatic, I be a part of weekly bikram yoga classes that really help to help ease tension and stress

I additionally have a special curiosity about music and film, and particularly enjoy festivals and concerts. My passion for film centres around Hollywood classics, although my Media Studies A-level encourages me to understand more about contemporary alternative films available

I'm a hard-working, determined student, who likes existence and also the tests and hardships it brings. In my opinion that i'm suitable for an British based course because my hobbies and interests are centred round the subject, and that i think it is completely enjoyable


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