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English 17

Literature has got the energy to maneuver me to tears, cause me to feel laugh, and satisfy me intellectually. I understood studying British was the best choice for me personally after i realized I wouldn't be truly happy without them because the primary focus of my academic existence.

Eighteenth and early nineteenth-century literature is really a particular interest of mine. I authored my Advanced Greater dissertation on the idea of the contrast between human transience and also the eternity of character within Keats??s Odes. These poems reflect Keats??s growing preoccupation together with his own mortality as his health made worse, and examining the various conclusions he arrived at about existence and dying during these poems was very absorbing. Though quite different from the normal Romanticism of Keats, I additionally greatly admire Jane Austen??s subtle ironies and portrayal from the role of ladies. Particularly poignant is her pitch-dark novel, ??Persuasion?? that we say is certainly one of her finest works possibly because, like Keats??s Odes, it reflects her very own anxieties at that time.

I greatly loved studying ??Hamlet?? and ??King Lear?? while in school. Evaluating the 2 plays permitted me to look at various issues like the character of kingship and parent-child associations, along with the larger regions of revenge and tragedy. To be able to increase my idea of Shakespeare??s styles, I just read various critical pieces on works, like a.D. Bradley??s analyses from the problematic figures of both Hamlet and Lear. I anticipate the possibilities of further study of literature??s perennial questions with enthusiasm.

Learning French to an advanced continues to be very rewarding, and it has sparked a developing curiosity about foreign literature. I've read books for example ??Suite Fran?aise?? both in British and French, and located watching the entire process of translation the text has gone through enthralling. This past year I selected to create a folio essay on the idea of freedom in Sartre??s ??Huis Near??. Besides finding his philosophical ideas and bleak portrayal of Hell thought-invoking, I discovered the particular literary analysis of the text inside a language apart from British a fascinating experience. I've already needed to use similar abilities in reading through texts in Scots dialects e.g. Lewis Grassic Gibbon??s ??A Scots Quair??. Study regarding other languages has furthered my appreciation of the language: the particulars and decidedly cool character of British captivate me.

I take part in the piano and flute to Grade 7 and eight standard correspondingly, and also have been an passionate and devoted person in numerous musical groups, both interior and exterior school. At college, I really hope to keep my participation in music I've found it both creatively and academically stimulating, in addition to valuable when it comes to working together and time-management.

I'm going for a gap year mainly to invest in my studies and also to travel in 2008. The additional maturity and independence I be prepared to gain will enable me to evolve more readily to college existence than I'd have at 17.

British is really a subject whose all-encompassing character will enable me to keep and incorporate my wider selection of interests while permitting me to pay attention to my finest love, literature itself.

Colleges put on:

Oxford (Offer)

You are able to (Offer)

Durham (Withdrew application)

St Andrews (Withdrew application)


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