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English 18

Literature is prostitution. Contended by French philosopher Roger-Pol Droit, each story is attempting to become observed, is attempting to captivate the passer-by. This is exactly what all literature must do. Captivate. Lure. Intimidate. My determination to review British Literature comes from my belief that great writing, whether it is prose, play or poetry, excites a crowd in some manner. My passion for the topic is expounded that I am unable to title a period where literature hasn't truly excited me, and also to dedicate time to study regarding a topic that i'm truly hooked on appears only logical.

To grow my understanding of literature, I've extended my reading through from popular fiction to some much deeper search for classical and modern texts. When studying my An amount texts, I frequently utilized practical critique books, like the ??Cambridge Companion to Chaucer?? alongside my study of ??The Burns??s Tale??, to analyze historic context thorough. I aim to see a variety of the whole shebang compiled by a analyzed author, for instance, the preceding and proceeding tales present in ??The Canterbury Tales?? to ??The Burns??s Tale??, and an array of functions by Shakespeare, including ??Othello?? and ??Much Ado about Nothing??.

Lately I've become interested becoming tragedy in literature and also have analysed the portrayal from the ??tragic hero?? thorough while focusing on a dissertation project at school. Using a variety of texts ?C including Marlowe??s ??Dr. Faustus?? and Burns??s ??View From The Bridge?? and contrasting all of them with Aristotle??s ideas on tragedy, and also the heroes of Greek dental tradition, I've investigated common presumptions of tragic literature. Understanding supplied by my other subjects continues to be crucial. Mixing information collected in the texts of Classical Civilisations and analytical abilities supplied by my study of Philosophy, having a linguistic and literary approach, has enhanced my capability to significantly evaluate information and express my ideas effectively.

My curiosity about literature stretches past the British canon. I've read several books in The spanish language, including Cervantes?? classic ??Don Quixote?? and also the magical realism of Isabel Allende??s ??Avoi Luna??. Although I haven't had the chance to review the word what, going to Russia uncovered me towards the works of Russian authors, for example Pushkin and Bulgakov. I've since looked into these in translation. Going through different cultures has extended my world outlook, and i'm presently teaching myself conversational Russian to help my understanding of the nation.

Inherently associated with my passion for reading through is my curiosity about creative and newspaper writing. Participation inside an imaginative writing group has permitted me to convey ideas, enabling a larger capability to discuss literature. It has been based on participation in discussing and speaking in public communities. My curiosity about drama has motivated me to determine several RSC productions including ??Twelfth Evening??, and native productions of ??An Inspector Calls?? and ??A Lady of No Importance??. Enjoyment of music has inspired me to learn how to play the piano and saxophone. These let me express myself as well as provide new challenges which i thrive upon. My curiosity about Tae Kwon Do also constantly requires new abilities to become acquired and developed. I presently am in a eco-friendly belt standard.

In my opinion the self-motivated drive and determination I possess would enable me to thrive within an undergraduate atmosphere, and that i would enjoy the chance to defend myself against the brand new challenges supplied by staring at the subject I'm most mounted on.

Colleges put on:

Cambridge (Interview)

Warwick (Interview)

Bristol (Declined)

You are able to (AAA)

UEA (AAB) ?C Recognized and today their studies at UEA

Grades Accomplished:

British Literature A2 (A)

British Language A2 (A)

Philosophy A2 (A)

Classical Civilisation A2 (A)

British AEA (Merit)


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