Personal Statement模板大全


personal statement 写作指导


1. say something about what you think about your research dream.
2.Be neutral to commend yourself
3.Do not need to reference a lot of famous sayings, just say what you really think
4.Be serious for your professional career!
6. If somebody can actually describe their skills and the work they want to do, that stands out.
11.I think the most important thing during your application process is to show your research POTENTIAL as much as possible.
12.The study plan serves three purposes.
First, it shows how well applicants can express their ideas in plain English.
Second, the study plan is supposed to show how much thought the applicants have given to the particular fields in which they want to study.
The third purpose of a study plan is to provide students with lesser grade an opportunity to prerent their intellectual accomplishments other than academic records.
13. [1] What is the most significant achievement you've ever accomplished so far?
[2] Is there any specific field you want to work on? Please be as specific as you can.
Try to explain how your academic background prepares you to do research in
this (these) field(s).
[3] If you have any previous research experiences, please explain them interms of your roles in the projects, your own contributions, and mostimportantly the process of deriving the solutions/algorithms you developed, if any.
[4] In case your course grade is not particularly distinguished,  why do you think you still have what it takes to do graduate study in our department?



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