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  • 救世主型
I am a problem solver. I have an impulse as a kind of instincts to solve various problems before me and enjoy doing that. Since I was a little boy, a voice from President Franklin Roosevelt has constantly hovered around my mind, "Th
e world can be changed by man's endeavor, … He must ever be receptive and sensitive to the new; and have sufficient courage and skill to novel facts and to deal with them." And I have been longing to be the man to face and solve novel problems.
  • 犹抱琵琶型,拖泥带水。
Making a right decision at the right time is very important for a young people .At present, I have come to a critical point in my life when I have to make a decision concerning my future course of action. Only a perceptive understanding of oneself will enable one to chart his proper action. After carefully thinking, reviewing my life and analyzing my personality, I make the determination and choose to apply for graduate study in XXX. And I choose to specialize in communications which I will pursue a lifelong career.
  • 重复简历型
I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in … Sciences with a specialization in …. in 2002 at … university, which provided me with a profound background in atmospheric science. During this period, I received Outstanding Student Scholarship for my excellent performance in the academic field. I found that ….is abstruse and interested, and there are so many things I did not understand. Thus I decided to learn more.
  • 语言幼稚型
'Why the gecko can climb on the wall while we can't?' 'Why the leaves turn red in autumn' 'How many stars are there in the sky?' When I was in childhood, I always kept asking my mom all kinds of questions。。。I am especially inte
rested in how things work, I can even take apart things for several hours in order to find out its principle. So most of the things in my family has been taken apart by me, from my father's shaver to my mom' motorcycle. I can even fix some simple households, listened to other people's praise, to learn science well became my dream and felt the science will accompany with me in my whole life.
上来就回忆童年少年自己如何有着远大抱负,who cares. Ps字数有限,却用这么多话描述童年,
  • 抄袭句式型
As a student majoring in Computer Science, I began my odyssey since I entered undergraduate program. Indeed, having entered this splendid computer world, I am more than greedy for something new. Odyssey 和more than greedy for something new
  • 学校简介型
I am an undergraduate in 。。 University , the largest university and a cradle of scientific and technological talents in China. (。。。 University i s a prestigious university of general education with 20 departments and a regular annual enrollment of 8,000 students ) I studied at 。。。(E. E) Department, a highly selective department with a gathering of smart students who are hard to compete with.



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