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商业管理 Business Management范例之一

Growing empires, fallen dictators, wars, starvation, technical advances, crises, personal bankruptcy,

and all sorts of this only due to the impact money continues getting on people??s existence for hundreds of years,

even millennia. Can something be achieved without money and also the science of handling it, Financial aspects?

I guess not.

Why so determined in selecting Business-Management? Well, ??Money is sort of a sixth sense without

that you simply cannot create a complete utilisation of the other five.?? states Somerset Maugham in the ??Of

Human Bondage??, and that i totally accept it. An intricate theoretical approach of proper

management becomes possible only by studying abroad in a top British College with highly

experienced staff.

Within the era of worldwide communication and rapid information, the capability of clearly

comprehending the market using its clients becomes essential. It's no more feasible for

managers to concentrate solely at the base line. Some businessmen are in possession of more energy and

influence compared to nations they be employed in.

I'm deeply conscious that you will find very difficult solutions in management however i am quite going to

develop my critical reflexivity which, for me, is among the essential abilities a supervisor

can possess. I consider maintaining effectiveness inside a challenging atmosphere absolutely

necessary during my future career. Keen to complete well my job, daring capable to cope with stress and

pressure, I wanting to increase my masturbator sleeves and obtain lower to operate. Like a proverb states ??A tree with

deep roots never fears bad weather.?? And That I seem like it.

Getting a glance at my childhood I see my company beginning reason for associated my dad in

the majority of his business activities. Since an earlier age he introduced me within this fascinating and

dangerous realm of money. My dad??utes clothes manufacturing business in colaboration with Greek and

American partners offered me the possibilities to make contact with what creating policy,

what arranging, controlling, and pointing the firm??s assets mean.

My enthusiastic curiosity about old coins, banknotes and history, and my dad??utes adoration for numismatics

and antiquities, determined him to begin another business, where I increased under his guidance.

This is the way I learnt to create deals, to barter, to create prices, to influence, to recognize real

values and become fair but simultaneously witty.

Organizing basketball competitions, interactive quizzes on different subjects like history,

geography, art, Financial aspects, developing a magazine for general understanding contests, all of this assisted

me to possess a obvious picture of the items a effective project manager means.

It's of curiosity that i can explore economic programs in-depth, to look at how

business strategy varies across business types, cultures and nations, which due to my

keen feeling of curiosity concerning the intricate evolution of Financial aspects. I wish to possess a seem

understanding of key management subjects for example business behavior, business strategy in

national and worldwide business atmosphere.

Practicing basketball for six many tae kwon do for around 2 yrs assisted me to have interaction with

people, to bolster my motivation in reaching an advanced of discipline and fair-play, in

dealing with failure and success. My European Computer Driving Licence, my website design and

programming abilities will certainly be useful within the area selected.

I'm a reliable, organized, motivated student who likes going through new situations and i'm

searching toward the knowledge and challenge from the British college existence. I'm convinced

that the Business Management Degree finished with a company Management Master??s Degree will

endow me with outstanding academic abilities making me highly valued by companies in a number of

industries and professions.

College Options

College of East Anglia

College of Leeds

The College of Edinburgh

The College of Liverpool

College of Newcastle Upon Tyne


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