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Business is very interesting to me. My love for business came from watching TV from an early age, specially the Apprentice and sometimes the Simpsons. It is Bart’s pioneering money making schemes that I find reverting and have inspired me to enter the world of business. My ultimate dream is to be the chief executive of a global organisation such as Microsoft, McDonalds (although I am a passionate non beef eater) or the Bank of England. I am currently studying General Studies (which I find generally interesting learning about general aspects of life ;) ), Child Development which is useful in helping me to acquire skills in dealing with the sorts of people I will be dealing with in Business Land, and Business Studies which I think will definitely be valuable.


I like school because I like socialising whilst learning but I like going on holiday more, it is these experiences which I feel shape me as a person. Last summer, as well as attending my annual family caravan holiday to the Lake District in the south of the British Isles, I went to Gibraltar, which although is the only English speaking area of Spain, I felt it really broadened my international horizons, especially when on discovered that the name Gibralter derives from the Arabic name Jabal Tariq (meaning mountain of Tariq), for those of you which are less globalised. This relates to business because when I was there I met a real life Business man, named Alan. Just like me, he was passionate about the subject. Alan owns his very own chain of souvenir market stalls, where I bought an extensive range of British flags, something which I am very passionate about collecting along with postage stamps, bottle caps and Tesco vouches, showing dedication to improving my school.

I am five foot five and three quarters with browny blonde hair and hazel eyes, I am fun friendly and feisty and very controversial as I am never ever motivated by money (unlike Taylors motivational theory) Whilst on my first ever plane journey, I walked past the Business Class section, which confirmed my passion for the subject because it was so much nicer than where I sat.

I believe I could definitely be an asset to any university because they are really really nice, and I am a nice person. I think you will agree that the laws of physicism, maths and business (of course) make us a match made in heaven!


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