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I'm planning to visit college to be able to get yourself a bachelor degree running a business studies after my degree i wish to do Masters and lastly after that i wish to work in the industry career. My ultimate goal following the degree and publish graduate would be to own a lucrative business where i'm able to help my country by supplying a great service, a great items and make jobs but to be able to make that happen i would work with period of time like a private sector worker to achieve an event making good saving and so i will begin my career employed in property sector where i'm able to discover the concepts, the techniques and also the strategies of it. I admire this effective saudi businessman who i think about a role model in my experience, who designed a large fortion from trading within this sector who??s title is Saleh Kamel his success inspired me to aspire reaching his level and when it comes to opportunities this area is commonly lower in risk and ever lasting to maintain wealth. The key reason why i'm studying clients are to pursue work that can help me to grow my understanding concerning the market and just how to have the ability to acquire wealth and gain an event which will raise my value within the employment market. Why am i studying within the United kingdom? I've observed that studying within the United kingdom provides me with an excellent chance to get my company education within the innovative nations on the planet when it comes to as being a financial first class and business centers.In my opinion that my ambition to understand start up business concepts because that's things i always aspired to study and also the primary reason i made the decision to review marketing and mangement particularly may be the dynamism displayed by the field of business and also the horizons that are handled by its studies understanding the insightful information and also the myriad ranges of items and services offered. Furthermore as we browse around we have seen how our current world is really commercialized which manifest the energy of commerce, financial aspects and business. However, the earnings produced by employees of economic can insert them in a higher quality lifestyle that not one other job can generate making me proud to major in Marketing and Management.


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