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建筑学Personal Statement

I have always had a considerable interest in architecture, ever since studying it briefly during my art GCSE course. Since then I’ve looked at architecture in detail through my work in as-level art, and in as-level technology; where I spent 4 months on an architecture related project, and gathered a huge amount of architectural knowledge. I think my versatility in coming up with solutions for proposals of any sort, and my articulate manner of communicating these solutions would suggest I would be well suited to the job of an architect. I believe it would be a very interesting career to pursue and could be very rewarding for a, hard working, creative, intellectual person such as myself. I also think my enthusiasm towards the subject would make the transition from 6th form to university much easier

During my time at school I have gathered many key skills and have absorbed a great deal of knowledge. Out of everything I had been taught through my secondary education, my ‘creative’ and ‘problem solving’ skills were the most influential and had become my greatest assets. The subjects I chose to study for my AS-levels helped further my technical ability within these two areas. While mathematics and computing have enhanced my problem solving skills, ‘design and technology’ and art have enriched my artistic and creative capabilities. When researching architecture during my as-level technology course I learnt how to produce a wide range of imaginative research and while looking at my two favorite architects; Frank Loyd Wright and Eero Saarinen, I was greatly inspired and developed modern design strategies and imaginative ideas. From all the books I’ve read, the Internet sites I view, and the programs I watch, I’ve gathered a clear understanding of architecture

I worked at the Imax cinema in Waterloo and then in Merton council for my work experience. In Merton council I was able to use my design and computing skills and I gathered a variety of other useful attributes while working there. In the human resources department I helped design a 20-page booklet about the dangers of smoking, and I was also given tutorial lessons on how to use a computer-aided design (CAD) system in the technology department. I now work part time on a flexible schedule for a catering business, and have worked at many high profile events, including ‘party in the park’ for the prince’s trust

I take pride in the fact that I readily contribute and take part in school charities, including a charity football tournament where I captained my team to the semi-finals. I was a class prefect and spent time after school organizing activities for younger students, including a chess tournament. I now regularly help out with after school activities, including guiding for prospective applicants on open days and providing general assistance. I was asked to take part in a gifted and talented enrichment program along with several other promising students during my secondary education. I have now accumulated several awards and certificates, my most significant being my ‘supreme award’, which I received for my academic achievements and my contribution as a student to the school


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