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建筑 Personal Statement

I am convinced that I should study architecture as it will allow me to continue incorporating many of the strongest aspects of my personality into my academic studies. These aspects include my fascination with art and design, my interests and enjoyment of various cultures and environments and a passion for solving practical problems whilst working with others. My initial interest in architecture began whilst studying for my GCSEs and has since developed considerably through the regular reading of architectural journals and increased awareness of the built environment

I opted to study the International Baccalaureate instead of A-levels because as a strong all-rounder in school, I wanted to continue with the subjects I enjoy and avoid narrowing my future career options. The IB also seemed a sound basis for a degree in architecture that encompasses both the arts and sciences. My preferred subject on the course is art, and it is in this field that I have chosen to concentrate my Extended Essay. I have yet to formulate a specific research question for this in-depth study, but my focus area is that of 20th century British architecture

Both of the separate work experiences that I undertook have fuelled my desire for a future in a creative yet practical profession. I spent the first of these in the creative and studio departments of an advertising agency and the other with a professional photographer

During both of these exposures to the world of work, I gained valuable computer graphic skills

In addition to my academic achievements, I have been involved in a number of extra-curricular activities. After completing a stage lighting course, I was responsible for the stage lighting in a number of school productions which particularly enhanced my understanding of designing with arrangements of light and space in mind. Throughout my education I have pursued various sporting interests, predominately football in which I played for Exeter City FC youth for two years and most recently captaining my local youth team. My most satisfying recreational achievement was leading two very successful Ten Tors teams. This physically enduring and challenging experience has allowed me to develop excellent leadership and teamwork skills, both of which are essential in architectural work as well as a university environment

In my gap year I intend to spend six months in Europe where I hope to widen my knowledge and experience of the different cities and cultures. I also plan a work experience placement with a local architectural practice

On the whole, I believe myself to be an appropriately sociable and committed student with a solid academic foundation coupling both the arts and sciences. I consider myself to have the uncommon combination of creative flair, personal enthusiasm and technical ability allied with the intellectual capacity to cope with the demands of higher education. With these qualities I believe a career in architecture is right up my street.


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