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建筑学Personal Statement

Creation is a powerful skill, an intriguing ability evolving from our originalities and perspectives. By formulating our own unique creations, we may endeavour to create a parallel between our imagination and the world in which we live. Winston Churchill once emphasised the fact that “we shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us”. In my mind, these buildings personify and embody the diverse cultures that exist today, reflecting the power and endless potential of man’s genius. Self expression is what differentiates us as an individual. It is my passion for Architecture that acts as a catalyst for inspiration and therefore provides me with a prominent sense of ambition and desire. GCSE and A-Level qualifications have given me an opportunity to appreciate the aesthetic beauty prevalent in the world today. This insightful demonstration has allowed my passion to evolve further, hence determining my decision to continue at a more advanced level. I believe the course will challenge my creative potential, culminating in the formulation of my own, authentic designs. In effect, Architecture is a potent, influential force in my life that has given me a sense of direction and meaning. I agree with the ideology that an individual will rarely exceed his own expectations. Architecture installs in me a belief that I can achieve and reach new heights, therefore acting as a foundation for success and fulfilment in the future

To me, viewing a structure in person is substantially more potent than a mere image. Travelling has succeeded in broadening my horizons and opening up my mind, therefore allowing me to appreciate traditional British Architecture and the spectacles created by foreign predecessors. Last year, I travelled with my school to Barcelona, a city with an abundance of style and creativity. Buildings such as the Palacio Guell and the Mila Casa are simply inanimate representations of one mans personal style, a testament to Gaudi’s creative excellence. Moreover, I also completed work experience with a contractor at Eton College. This process of shadowing a professional permitted me to survey Architecture with a greater sense of clarity

It is only by completing this experience that I can truly comprehend the complexities of the profession

Although I view learning as a crucial area to focus upon in my life, I strive to be more complex than this, making myself a more well rounded individual. Essentially, maintaining a healthy body is a prerequisite to achieving a healthy state of mind. Therefore, I frequently visit the gym and participate in a variety of sporting activities, both traditional and unique. Personally, I enjoy sports such as tennis, rowing and football. In effect, these events allow me to work within a team orientated environment, whilst maintaining my individualistic sense of achievement. Conversely, I also attempt to integrate my passion with Architecture into my free time. On many occasions I utilise ICT facilities such as CAD in order to release the flow of ideas within my mind. This contrast of leisure and learning enables me to develop a clear sense of balance within my life

In my opinion, it is certain moments in time that encapsulate all our beliefs and theories. During my visit to Barcelona, I had the privilege to view the Casa Mila, a perfect representation of originality. Viewing this intriguing structure first hand simply confirmed my passion, enlightening me on the endless possibilities that exist. The Casa Mila is perceived in a myriad of contexts, by a myriad of people, accentuating Gaudi’s genius long after his death. I do not intend to follow the path of any individual, yet follow a path unique to myself. A famous quote once stated “don’t bother just to be better than contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself”. I believe University is the first part of my journey and look forward to participating in a rewarding, self fulfilling course.


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