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Criminology, Computing and Computing with E-Commerce 1

I've got a keen curiosity about growing problem laptop or computer fraud, intelligence systems and all sorts of facets of computing. I'm certain that the location path which i choose to follow will certainly be associated with these subjects. My ambition is reflected using the course subjects I'm using for: Criminology, Computing, Computing for Business and E-commerce, which allappeal in my experience

I'm thinking about studying Criminology since i am intrigued by subjects for example: why/what individuals commit crime, Drugs and Society, Criminal Psychology and criminal justice. Actually, every aspect of crime interest me greatly. I gain much enjoyment from computing particularly, I like using different systems and understanding how to use various techniques and programs. In my opinion you have to be versatile and prepared to learn such a constantly-altering atmosphere as computing

This past year I acquired H Human Resources and loved every area from the course particularly, the database systems aspect since i loved creating databases appropriate to be used by Companies. I completely enjoy all parts of the industry Management course which i took onboard this season, due to the fact I know of methods carefully it's associated with ??real existence?? aspects like the marketing unit I'm presently studying. Because of my adoration for these two subjects I'm particularly drawn to the Bsc (Hons) in Computing for Business and E-commerce

Sometimes very well inside a team and that i have displayed this throughout my education. In my Standard Grade SVS, I had been a part of a team accountable for arranging a nearby football event for local primary schools, which elevated money in my school. Presently, I've became a member of an organization in school to organise refreshments needed to look after 600 guests in the annual S6 Show. I like the difficulties this project has introduced to date

In March 2000, I required on the work positioning at DERA West Freugh, a Secretary Of State For Defence, Satellite-Receiving Station, that was also used like a Joint-Service Tactical Evaluation and use location. During my reference, the Manager remarked on my small readiness to understand, enthusiasm, initiative and my capability to work effectively both individually and included in a team

My primary interest outdoors school is golf. Throughout time playing I've won medals and trophies in Junior Competitions. I've also symbolized my local Clubs in Junior League matches, which permitted me to combine along with other people throughout my area. I additionally love playing badminton with buddies and well in the after school extra-curricular club. After I obtain the chance, within the summer time several weeks, I love to go cycling

I'm really conscious that I will need to work very difficult to obtain a Degree, however i am ready to do whatever needs doing Sometimes well pressurized. In my opinion College is a spot for accumulating more interests, for meeting people, for spending so much time as well as for getting a niche in existence. Personally i think I've the commitment and confidence of giving my favorite throughout my college career and later on.


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