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Politics and Criminology 1

I've got a general curiosity about society and also the means by so it functions. Particularly I'm thinking about why some people of society comply with the guidelines, laws and regulations and norms of the given society, while some deviate from all of these for instance why do certain social groups, for example ethnic unprivileged are gone-symbolized in certain crime statistics. The logical response to this could be simply because they offend more or simply because they may be arrested and presented as deviant. However this simplistic response doesn't seek to check out the wider issues surrounding what causes crime as well as their effect on society. In going after a criminology degree, I must explore the idea behind crime and deviance along with the misconceptions, expectations and prejudices connected with crime and disorder

My curiosity about society also stretches to politics. I'm thinking about democracy, government and governance and just how social policy is developed for that wider advantage of all. The vexed question of methods privileges could be communicated to 1 portion of society without diminishing the privileges of others has always intrigued me- the present problem of banning smoking in public areas as being a particularly relevant question

I've got a strong curiosity about current matters. My study of Sociology and Government and Politics at AS and A2 has further enhanced my understanding of the functioning of society and just how government authorities operate

I regularly watch and pay attention to news and current matters programmes to be able to keep current on issues in a local, national and worldwide level ?C the current elections in the united states were of particular interest

By studying Politics I really hope to achieve a wider understanding of the democratic process and also the role of government authorities in trying to regulate and produce to society. Well, I feel this really is highly relevant to my selected discipline of Criminology and/or Politics

I've good social abilities and can connect to people no matter age, sexual orientation, gender or disability. Being employed as a person Assistant inside a major store in addition to many other jobs for example assisting in a Fun Day with an estate in Rotherhithe have further enhanced these abilities. In my opinion which i manage time effectively and consequently I can pursue my own leisure interests including football and music. I've been an enthusiastic participant in many school activities varying from athletics to drama to general understanding quizzes. I additionally represent my school at both football and basketball. Personally i think this diverse selection of activities implies that I can adapt accordingly and effectively to various challenges

Sometimes well as part of a team but equally may use my very own initiative. I'm a good communicator and accustomed to showing my ideas with full confidence to some wide audience. Personally i think that i'm sufficiently disciplined, committed and passionate to review the topic area effectively. I'm searching toward the educational and social facets of college existence.


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