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Business and Marketing 1

After I remember my school days, I think back with pleasure in the Business Studies classes I required at GCSE along with a-level. I usually found the Classes very interesting. Attention was hooked and my knowledge of business increased once we advanced our way with the course. My enjoyment of economic Studies is visible from my exam grades which I'm very proud.

At 18 years of age I had been keen to visit out in the realm of work and find out more about differentworking conditions. I'd jobs from employed in nightclubs and promotions to employed in face-to-face event based sales. These encounters offered me a opportunity to see top notch the way the ideas I'd learned running a business Studies applied used. I fell ill in December 2005, departing me not able to accomplish my An Amount study. I required benefit of my misfortune by employed in marketing where I needed to promote items from business to customers while finding out how to build and manage my very own team on your own. In the beginning I discovered the thought of being accountable for people quite daunting, however i first viewed it like a challenge and invaluable experience and for that reason fell in to the responsibility easily. I additionally labored in retail for a short period this faced me with various challenges along with a different working atmosphere. In September 2006 my health enhanced and that i came back to education and i'm presently finishing an Use of Business Studies course. I'm also doing An Amount French as Irecognise the advantages of getting more the other language in the industry world. I wish to be multilingual so that as lengthy as time permits, I'll endeavour to understand as numerous languages as you possibly can. I'm also keen to discover other cultures and also have experienced existence in Ghana,where I could see existence from another perspective. In 2003 I resided in the usa as an ingredient ofa student exchange programme and that i hope that certain day I'll have the opportunity to travel all over the world and experience more cultures. Although jobs are vital that you me, I recognise the requirement for relaxation. I like listening, playing and watching live music. I attend live performances regularly. My passion for music comes from age eight where When i first acquired the recorder and clarinet. I developed my music abilities by learning to play your guitar and also the piano. I'm wanting to learn to play the the drums. Socialising is part of my existence. I love to find yourself in campaigns and groups when i feel it's a great chance to have interaction with various people all avenues of life. I regularly volunteer for Amnesty Worldwide and Love Music Hate Racism. Personally i think which i will settle lower well at college like me friendly and confident and my capability to operate in a team will enable me to have interaction well with others. Getting analyzed drama I are interested in acting. I frequently visit the theatre and even pursue this interest at college during my spare time. With my varied interests I'm searching toward the social, along with the academic possibilities at college.

After college, I really hope to operate in Advertising and marketing. I'm an outgoing, articulate and keen person and feel these characteristics would shine. Each time I watch a billboard on tv or see one out of a newspaper I immediately know this is exactly what I wish to do in existence. The thought of getting an item to produce along with a audience to attract excites me. I usually think about creative ways an item could be promoted. I'm an passionate student, I understand things i want and i'm ready to strive to attain my ambition. I'd employment in which the wage was commission based this helped me a self-motivated person using the determination to achieve the goals I placed before me.

In my opinion that because of the academic chance, combined with my valuable experience, I'll be set firmly on the right track to some effective career.

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College of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

College from the West of England, Bristol (UWE)



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