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I will always be thinking about companies and just how they operate, in addition to being intrigued by other languages and cultural variations

My adoration for the topic elevated after i chose business studies included in my primary education in school. Additionally towards the general subjects for example mathematics, literature, history additionally, it incorporated marketing, accounting and financial aspects. Although these subjects are somewhat demanding, I've found them very interesting. After school I made the decision to carry on my education at Kazakh National College founded by Al Farabi, it is among the best and earliest colleges in Central Asia, within the faculty from the Worldwide Economic Relations. In my opinion the degree I've acquired, is the greatest option for me. I'll be searching toward researching the worldwide business community and i'm experiencing the idea of understanding how to integrate with individuals from different nations and cultures. The thought of understanding how to communicate with others around the globe is one thing which has always become a huge hit greatly in my experience

My specialty which i have after graduation in the Kazakh National Condition College is incorporated in the Worldwide Economic Relations

I've analyzed financial management, macro- micro- financial aspects, accounting, worldwide currency-credit relations along with other subjects. More profoundly I've analyzed worldwide economic relations, worldwide organisations, their function all over the world and my diploma work ??Case study of economic facets of Kazakhstan oil transportation abroad?? was written based on the study from the financial aspects relations between Caspian nations: Russia, Azerbaizhan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan

Not every my experience continues to be like a compensated worker. In addition I started to participate time jobs after i what food was in the College I labored for various banking institutions one of these was National Bank of Kazakhstan within the Credit Department being an Assistant from the Mind Manager as well as in the Currency Department. My operate in this Bank trained me to become self-organised, steps to make analyses of credit score and commentaries, purpose of the currency policy, which is among the essential a part of any bank??s activities, and just how to sort out complex approaches in settlement of various issues and tasks. After this time around I've transformed my area of labor and ongoing it within the Close Stock Company ??KazTransOil?? being an Accountant, that is examining and developing the program of transportation oil into different nations

Getting important previous experience I've applied my understanding and abilities in the position of the Assistant of Mind Accountant within the Financial Department. The primary goals from the Department ?C to supply necessary structure of transportation for joining the primary oil area using the processing industrial facilities and export it abroad. My responsibility incorporated calculating your budget of the organization, creating balance sheet, and examining a task plan. However realized that to operate like a professional specialist in business position for the larger and much deeper understanding finance, accounting and worldwide atmosphere are essential

For me personally like a youthful specialist it is crucial to test an chance to carry on my education within the College which has demonstrated itself among the best one of the other recognised colleges concentrating on business studies, marketing and assisting research such significant period when integration is growing out of to globalisation and nations increasingly determined by one another. I believe that my curiosity about accounting and finance, educational background professional experience will open new perspectives for me personally basically will attend this College. Now Personally i think which i have possibility of realisation myself around finance and my constant interest for this science, to review deeper this subject, capability to distinguish primary economic trends will let me transmit my understanding with other specialists.


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