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Business and Management 8

I presently attend Peter Symonds Sixth Form College. Throughout my newbie, I acquired 5 grade A AS levels in geography, computing, business studies, maths and biology. I select these because they are subjects which i both succeed in and that also interest me. I like the fieldwork facet of geography and researching natural atmosphere and current issues. Similarly, I like computing ?C this being certainly one of my primary hobbies. Business studies was an apparent choice, since i would ultimately prefer to start my very own business and that i benefit from the challenge of fixing mathematical problems. The discrete maths unit consists of focus on calculations that are particularly highly relevant to my computing studies

I'm thinking about environment science as well as the practical work that biology offers. While not ongoing biology being an A2, I'm carrying out a new As with environment science that we am finishing via a college web based course during my free time. My newbie at school has trained me the significance of both working individually and getting good business abilities

Certainly one of my primary interests is focusing on my desktop computer and that i allow us numerous commercial websites. I've been featured on Meridian TV and also have gained a considerable earnings from advertising on my small websites. I've labored like a volunteer at Botley Manor Farm and Country Park for several years. This can be a working farm occur the Victorian times where my fortnightly routine involves undertaking odd jobs and tending the creatures. I've learnt to utilize others and connect to people from the public. I additionally enjoy foreign travel and also have travelled extensively with my loved ones, including visits to Kenya, Australia, and both west and new england of the usa

Included in my experience, I labored for any week in the Southampton Met Office, where my responsibilities incorporated reading through meteorological instruments and plotting data on maps. I additionally labored in a local computer company located in Winchester being an additional positioning throughout the summer time holidays. Both encounters were enjoyable and provided a look into the field of work. I completed a nearby paper-round for three years however i now focus on running my very own business in line with the internet. I've also began creating websites which allows me to utilize others, pay attention to their demands and incorporate these in to the sites. My current project is really a website for any local teenage drop-in center and i'm aiding the geography department at school in developing their intranet

Throughout time at Swanmore School I held several positions of responsibility together with a prefect and form captain. I took part in most of the school productions both being an actor so that as part of the leading of house team. I had been also part of an from school drama club. The topics I analyzed offered me the possibility to take a quantity of outings including geography fieldwork outings and language outings to both Germany and France. Abilities I obtained throughout this time around include your team, independence, settlement and delegation

My future goal, after college, would be to launch my very own effective business and pursue a computing related career with possible physical / environment links. If only to try to get some pot college course in computing/business studies or internet studies as, although I have a diverse range of interests, Personally i think these courses would best meet the requirements of the future career.


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