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Business and Management 3

I believe which i allow us a great deal throughout time within the sixth form both academically, personally and socially. I believe which i have grown to be a lot more positive about my capabilities this season both interior and exterior school. I would need to state that my own talents lie within the subjects that i'm presently studying, French The spanish language and biology and If only to help develop these talents further after which expand them into other activities later on. Another factor that I must study later on is management and Hopefully I'll have the ability to study it the coming year together with French and The spanish language. I've attempted around I'm able to to consider advantage all of the possibilities which have presented themselves in my experience throughout time within the sixth form. For my own targets well they all are fairly simple. The primary one would need to be to simply do my favorite and get the grades that I have to enter into college and also to study my course (BBC). I'm wishing to attain these grades very easily and hopefully I'm able to do far better. For the near future well I haven't yet decide what I wish to do after college however i am wishing by using my capabilities in languages and also the management abilities I'll learn at college, I'll have the ability to look for a well a great job which i enjoy.


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