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Business and Management 23

Within the last year I've been studying subjects relevant to business on the web. I've selected to try to get a training course running a business relevant to the web since it is a really intriguing and exciting area to operate in. It's a new industry, with a lot of aspects still to become used for example virtual on-line stores, using drop shippings and stretching on-line buying through mobile technology. I really hope this program will extend my understanding and knowledge of the web and finally lead me right into a career where I'll be compensated and also have many future possibilities

I'm very intrigued with figures since i were built with a curiousity about maths in school and Finance attending college. I additionally would like to perform a course with Finance when i acquired a distinction in Finance after i was studying Intermediate Business. I'm computer literate having a typing speed of 45 words each minute. The reason being the topic I'm doing involves a lot of typing

Time at Tower Hamlets College continues to be particularly effective due to my very own determination and motivation to complete well i made the the majority of the possibilities readily available for me. I've received numerous honours and certificates in my operate in Business Studies and E-commerce

I've strong communication abilities with verbal communication being my finest strength. I presented a number of my projects vocally because my instructors desired to take advantage of my capability to get my way by speaking. My BTEC e-Business course is 100% assignment based and to date I've met all assignment due dates and passed

My experience in a local youth club in Limehouse has extended my view around the globe of labor, as i was there' acquired new abilities for example working as part of a team whenever we organised activities for kids. I additionally organised residential outings and took part in activities, that have been held attending college as well as in my local youth club

This assisted me manage time, team build as well as negotiate with others

Certainly one of my major duties has been class representative. I attempt to obtain students sights across within the college. I had been selected like a class repetition due to my excellent attendance and punctuality attending college in addition to my capability to speak, and my honesty and trust

Now i'm during my last six several weeks of my course and i'm motivated to obtain a's and b's and i'm determined to visit college

I like numerous outdoors interests for example music, visiting the cinema and reading through. I like playing football in addition to supporting the best team that is Liverpool. I play regularly during my local park team i love playing snooker

I enjoy play chess and checkers because it encourages my thoughts and enables me to consider in front of my-self. The relaxation of my spare time is allocated to helping individuals my neighborhood using their computer problems. I'm thrilled to help other people who need assistance since i enjoy doing the work since i get appreciated for this

I always aspired to visit college from the youthful age and that i know by visiting college I have a wider selection of possibilities to select from.


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