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Science 1

I left School in Feb 1977 and moved from Wales to England and I didn't possess the chance to complete any qualifications. After departing school I began work, marry and cared for my loved ones

However, now the kids have become up I've came back to education to achieve my qualifications. I set my goals earlier this past year by joining the Pre-Access Course at West Nottinghamshire College and acquired 6 credits at level 2. In September 2001 I enrolled on the G.C.S.E course and that i accomplished the grades B C and D in British, Biology and Chemistry correspondingly. I've also done some voluntary operate in labs working alongside the laboratory specialist, planning solutions and sterile pertri dishes

These experience ranged from bar try to receptionist responsibilities, which assisted me get the abilities of working inside a team and enhanced my communication abilities. Additionally, it provided the expertise of dealing with differing people and personas. I've assisted to train the kids to read which trained me the benefits of persistence and just how to pay attention. Finally, as being a wife, mother and student has trained me how you can manage the requirements of my studies alongside the requirements of family existence and just how to prioritise my workload

I've always were built with a strong need to operate in the area of sciences it has been enhanced although finishing a G.C.S.E course. Particularly I loved the models within cell Biology that involved study regarding the defense mechanisms and microbes. I'm fully dedicated to my present course I like my studies hugely, specially the Biology and Chemistry models I'm a mature and independent student and given an activity I complete it prior to the deadline. I'm highly motivated and meticulous having a strong determination to achieve success. The greater I study these subjects the greater passionate my interest of these subjects become

Right now I'm your driving practise, that we enjoy. My social existence is essential in my experience and I love to relax with my loved ones. My research has got me into the web and I love to ??surf the internet?? during my free time. I love to prepare and that i enjoy reading through books especially Stephen King books and books within the horror genre.


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